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Petri Hollmén

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18-Mar-2020 08:51:57   |   Petri Hollmén

Cancelling events – things to consider and tips about communications

If you need to cancel an event, here is a short checklist of things to consider and tips how to effectively communicate the changes to your participants.

Subject tag: Event Marketing, Event Management

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25-May-2018 08:00:00   |   Petri Hollmén

The GDPR: Today is the day! This is what Lyyti has to offer

The EU-wide data protection regulation, aka the GDPR, comes into full force today. The transition period is over and the world will never be the same again. Or will it?

Subject tag: GDPR

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14-Nov-2016 17:49:01   |   Petri Hollmén

What’s missing from the Event Registration Report?

I just read the Good Event Registration Guide. It’s a complete report of what’s going on in Event Registration Platforms right now and in the future.

It’s a great report and I suggest you read it, but there’s one huge problem: It only covers 5% of events.

Subject tag: Event Management, Current news

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11-May-2016 10:37:02   |   Petri Hollmén

What’s the value of one single event participant?


The game has changed. The market is full of solutions that promise to save your time, make your day easier and, perhaps, boost your efficiency. There is a huge range to choose from: apps for your phone, add-ons for your CRM, widgets for your browser and services provided in the cloud. 

Subject tag: Event Management, Event Attendance

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20-Apr-2016 16:34:01   |   Petri Hollmén

The event budget blew up - CEO blames Lyyti


We've always been promoting Lyyti as a tool for efficient and low-maintenance event management. We still maintain that Lyyti helps event organisers spend less time on their routine tasks, which in turn results in our client spending less money.

Lately, we've been receiving messages claiming the contrary: Working with Lyyti has actually resulted in increased costs. By alot, in some cases.

Subject tag: Event Management, Customer Reference, Customer Story

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01-Dec-2015 12:00:00   |   Petri Hollmén

Lyyti's new look!

This is the Lyyti logo. It was handwritten with an ink pen by my lovely wife in 2007. Since the logo was made by my wife, I have held it very close to my heart during all these years, but now it is time to let it go.

Subject tag: Current news

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22-Oct-2015 11:00:00   |   Petri Hollmén

Invited to the Crematorium?

The party season is upon us! Companies everywhere are busy organising harvest festivals and Christmas parties. But a crematorium is not an appropriate venue to host a party, not even for Halloween! 

We think the invitation process is the single most underrated marketing tool. Use it right and you will succeed- use it badly and it can go horribly wrong...Read on for a real horror story!

Subject tag: Event Communication, Event Management

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13-Oct-2015 09:16:16   |   Petri Hollmén

Why Even the Smallest Events Need Good Event Registration Software - A True Story

"Our events are really small and infrequent, we can handle the registration manually."

"There's no point in getting an entire event management system just for this, it's just a small one-off event."

I get this from prospects all the time. Personally I think it's absurd to use the size of an event as an indicator for how much effort and investment it warrants. The goal or purpose of the event should be the main concern here.  

Subject tag: Event Communication, Event Management, Event Attendance

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