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Lyyti Blog > Customer story: Educations.com Media Group

Customer story: Educations.com Media Group

In this weeks blog entry we will introduce one of our customers and their experiences of the event management software Lyyti. This story is from Educatons.com Media Group, which is responsible for such sites as  www.findcourses.co.uk  in the UK and in the US for  www.findcourses.com - these sites offer educational courses from an extremely wide range!



Information manager Eveliina Rengstedt represents the company Educations.com Media Group and this is her story:

”We used Lyyti as a register service for arranging an event for 400 people. We had a lot of criteria when we were choosing the service because the situation was complicated:

  • we needed to get the registrations in the system under 4 different organizers
  • the participants needed to be able to choose their preferences out of multiple lectures given at the same time
  • we wanted to be able to send out the feedback for by using the same system

Lyyti proved to be an excellent choice, because it did not only fulfill all our criteria but it also gave us other functions we didn’t even know to ask for. In addition, Lyyti’s customer service was excellent and we got help with all our questions, also at short notice. I can warmly recommend Lyyti as a partner, even for the most complex events!”


Eveliina Rengstedt

Information Manager

Educations.com Media Group, Team Finland

Written by Lyyti on 05-Feb-2015 13:30:00