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A New Digital Icebreaker for Events!

Social media efforts is one way of engaging attendees, but if you want to try something new and 'go beyond the hashtag' - we've got something new for you to try!


In case the traditional social media efforts aren’t for you and you don’t want to use event hosts, then livecube.co might be something for you!

A quote from the livecube site:

“As an event organizer, your attendees are getting an amazing experience, communicating with each other and your speakers, sharing ideas, making connections, and having a great time doing it. You even get a beautiful recap after the event is over, complete with a message search engine, a tabulation of all the game mechanics, and even the ability to export to Excel.”

If you want to ‘go all in’ for your next event and give your attendees the best experience possible then check out more at livecube.co.


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Written by Linda Kullas on 06-May-2015 18:00:00

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