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The Complete Event Management Software Buyer's Guide

Purchasing a solution or software for your business purposes is always an important moment. And the research process that leads up to a decision is always time-consuming and arduous. This is absolutely true when it comes to event management solutions, which can be simple ticketing tools, questionnaire-like registration systems or super-complex event data management solutions, and anything in between.

But where do you even start researching different solutions, if you have little or no experience in professional event management?

In some cases, email registration and an excel file will suffice, e.g. for a private party. Some users will need extensive automation throughout their event management process. For some, the registration functions can be pretty basic, but the data management and refinement side of it requires high integratability. Everyone needs a system that's safe and GDPR-compatible.

This is the catch: every salesperson will try to sell you their complete solution, whether you need all the functions and features they provide or not.  When you have your specific needs and requirements figured out, you'll be able to choose the right product fit for you. That's what we're aiming to help you with by means of this guide!

This Buyer's Guide presents...

  • a clear view of what an event management tool can be at its best
  • what to look for in a solution, specifically for your own needs
  • advice that will help you make an informed purchasing decision


Click to download, you won't regret it! And please don't hesitate to get in touch with us, if you want to talk to someone about event management software and how to choose the right one.

Thins to consider when choosint event management software - click to download

Written by Linda Lönnqvist on 05-Mar-2019 11:24:29