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Great Event Survey Questions!

Event surveys and feedback are an important part of planning your event and making your future events better. In this blog post we will be focusing on event feedback questions and what to think of when forming your questions. In the end of this blog entry you will find a feedback form with examples of different event survey questions.



Step 1: Care about the topics you ask

This seems like a very clearcut topic, but all too often event organisers use the same survey questions over and over again. They might get some statistics about the event, but is it important statistics? Take some time to review your questions and ask yourself if the question is important for changes in future events?

Step 2 : Ask only about things you can change

Some questions don't need to be asked. If there is something in your event that can't for some reason be changed, then don't ask about it. For example, if you have a set event location that you use to stay within budget or you have a deal with that location provider, then don't ask about the location.

Step 3: Get everyone involved!

Some events involve the whole companies. An example would be a software company that provides training in their product during an event. Ask your support team what they would like to know? Training sessions are a held continuosly so it's important to sometimes step back and ask your participants what they think about them. A department that is apart of your event, should also be included in the survey.

Step 4: What kind of questions to use?

The worst kind of questions are close-ended questions, that can only be answered with either yes or no. We would advice you to mix it up a bit. The best kind of questions are open-ended with suggestions for answers. When you have your answer suggestions ready, your participants might reflect more on the question and what they really think. When you have suggestions ready, remember to give your participants to also fill in an answer of their own. Few of your questions could be completely open-ended with no suggestions. 

Feedback form: Examples of questions

CheckMarket also offers a great example of an event evaluation form with great questions- check it out!



Written by Linda Kullas on 03-Jul-2014 12:07:00

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