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Leuk je te ontmoeten – Welcome to Amsterdam!

Since its establishment in 2007, Lyyti has had its eye on international growth. As of October 2018, we have branch offices in four different countries: Finland, Sweden, France and since October 2018, the Netherlands. Join us now, as Country Manager Lari Lempinen introduces the team and tells the story of Lyyti Netherlands. This journey takes us from the heart of Paris to the lively streets of Amsterdam. Oké, allemaal, laten we beginnen!

Paving the way for smarter events – this is Lyyti

I'm delighted to share how we at the Amsterdam office are working to spread some Lyyti love. But before that, a quick answer to the question "What is Lyyti?", this bizarre name that you pronounce differently in each country.

Lyyti was founded over 13 years ago in Finland by two entrepreneurs, Petri and Rami. The first idea was to help event organisers manage their event communication and reporting more smoothly, without hundreds of different Excel files and thousands of emails. Over the years, the demand for Lyyti's services became so big that we had the privilege of changing industry standards and paving the way for better event marketing practices. Today in 2021, we have nearly 80 experts and over 1200 clients spread around all continents. During these past years, the expectations of event organisers have increased, and so have our ambitions.

Lyyti's reliable digital solution ensured that all small and big event organisers could become more efficient in their daily tasks. The focus quickly switched from "How will we organise this event?" to "Why are we organising this event?". As a result of this change, events started playing a more important part in reaching organisation-wide goals. That goes for all types of organisations; non-profit and for-profit, both in the private and public sector.

Dreams come true

During Lyyti's earlier years, I followed the company's journey closely while living abroad in Mexico and France. Before the birth of Lyyti, I also had the pleasure of working with the soon to be Lyyti-founders in the travel and tourism industry (read: as a bartender during my studies). I was impressed by the team spirit at Lyyti. It was easy for me to relate to their cultural mindset: "Customer satisfaction will never exceed employee satisfaction" (and customer satisfaction was exceptionally high). As a result of conversations with the Finnish Lyyti team, one of my crazy ideas became a reality, and we ended up launching a new office in Paris, France. Our team and business grew, we had our ups and downs, but the trend was always positive, and the journey was just incredible in great company.

Then, one of my next dreams came true, as I got the opportunity to join the Dutch Sales and Marketing Team in Amsterdam. The creative atmosphere, rich culture and this beautiful city with its famous canals had always given me such good vibes!

Many offices, one family

Our local country offices are a vital part of our business; you could say the "spearheads" of our growth strategy. The sales and marketing people of each office are result-driven and hard-working professionals who work in tight collaboration with our customers. We have the luxury of being supported by a big team of talented technology experts, customer service professionals, and global administrative functions at our Finnish headquarters. We see ourselves as a tribe, and we like to get together – online – regularly to hear the latest business news, and what everybody has going on. We're an international family that takes its business seriously, but we also like to have fun!

Lyyti_Dutch_teamMeet the Dutch team: (left) Jorg, Jord, Lari, Robbin and Pieter.

Our Amsterdam team helps event organisers create smarter events that are beneficial for organisers and participants alike. As members of the Lyyti Tribe, we all have curious minds and are always searching to learn more. We put the team first and want to make sure it succeeds; we aim to think like entrepreneurs instead of just passing the time at work.

We're continually looking for new professionals to enrich our company, so if something in Lyyti makes you tick, get in touch, and we'll talk! Or maybe you know a friend who should read this? 💚

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