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Lyyti Challenge 2015

As many of our readers already know, we have an annual tradition called Lyyti Challenge. The Challenge is an adventure, it has to do with outdoor activities and team spirit. It involves the entire company, and the staff happily jump out of their comfort zone to push their boundaries and gain new experiences. Last year's Lyyti Challenge took place in the Archipelago of Turku, in true Survivor- style. This year, we're delving deeper into the forest!


Lyyti Challenge 2015 is Jukolan Viesti, an international orienteering relay competition held in Paimio in Southwestern Finland in June. This year's event, LounaJukola, is the 67th annual of its kind. The Lyyti teams will be participating both in the Jukola relay with seven legs at a total of 85,8 km, and in the ladies' relay Venlojen Viesti, which consists of four legs at a total of 29,1 km.


Training has already begun, under the management of the head coach, Product Dev's own Tuomo Mäkelä

Tuomo, you compete in orienteering on a professional level. When did you start orienteering?

I believe I was eight years old. 

What is your top achievement in your orienteering career so far?

I took 6th place in the sprint cathegory in the world orienteering championships in 2012.                 

From a coaches' point of view, will the Lyyti crew make good orienteerers?

Orienteering is for everybody! The Lyyti peeps all have different strengths and skill sets, but they're united by a certain relentlessness and competitiveness. Those traits alone will spur them on to great achievements.

How is the training of the Lyyti team getting along?

The project started last autumn already, and most of the crew have already had several orienteering practice runs. It's nice to see how much progress has already been made! 

As it's getting warmer and sunnier, the Lyyti team is increasingly motivated to spend time outside in the woods. Tuomo's coaching duties will continue all through spring, up until the actual competition date of June 13th. There is plenty of map reading, running and orienteering practice to come, and the pace is picking up. One thing is for sure: the Lyyti orienteering team is setting the bar high!

In conclusion, here's a little taste of what Lyyti Challenge 2013 was like. The Challenge involved cycling all the way from the shore of the Arctic Ocean to the shore of the Baltic Sea in Turku. The 1500 km journey was made as a relay, with two cyclists constantly on the road. It took 75 hours, and for each pedalled kilometre 50 cents were donated towards the building project of the new Children's Hospital in Helsinki. Caution: After watching this video clip you may feel an irresistible urge to experience the Arctic summer for yourself this year.

Written by Linda Lönnqvist on 19-Mar-2015 11:23:08