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Lyyti's new look!

This is the Lyyti logo. It was handwritten with an ink pen by my lovely wife in 2007. Since the logo was made by my wife, I have held it very close to my heart during all these years, but now it is time to let it go.


I have always stuck to the principle of "if it works, don't fix it". Up until now I've always felt that our logo has worked just fine. People have told me to change the logo several times, but because of sentimental reasons I've never quite had the heart to make the change. Also, I feel there are better things to put my money on than redesigning a logo that's somewhat ok.

Below you see a banner that was designed with KMG Printworks, for a charity event called Fight Back Run. This picture says more than a thousand words and pinpoints the elementary problem with our handwritten logo - can you see it on the banner? Picture this banner in front of you, nine meters wide and one meter tall, hanging six meters up in the air, and you're driving past at 50 km/h - which logo catches your eye?




The Lyyti logo doesn't work in print, on banners, on airplanes, nor as an app icon on a smartphone screen. The lines in the logo are too thin, and making the lines thicker will only make the logo even more unreadable. The handwriting you see in the logo was taught in Finnish schools during the 80's and most people unfamiliar with this typography think the logo says L U J U J T I , instead of Lyyti.

Nevertheless, I still loved our logo even if it was unreadable, because it had a story to tell. My wife had written the logo by hand and the company name Lyyti comes from an old Finnish saying, "Lyyti kirjoittaa" which directly translates to "Lyyti is writing". How could anyone think the logo was bad and needed to change? I loved it!

Despite all this I still realised that it was time to change our company identity, modernize our color scheme and update our image in general. With the help of an advertising agency called Zeeland, we finally got a logo that does the job: 

The new Lyyti logo

We wanted to go in a completely different direction from our previous handwritten logo. I feel the new logo is exactly what we wanted: simple but bold. You can even make it out on an airplane fuselage (if we ever needed to put it on one).

Lyyti Airways

My wife's handwriting will, fortunately, stay with us in the future as well. We'll feature it in some of our marketing material and interchangeable slogans.

A mock-up banner with slogan in Finnish

From this day on our new logo will be in official use and you will gradually see changes on our website. I hope you like our new logo as much as we do!

Petri Hollmén 
Lyyti Event Management Software


Written by Petri Hollmén on 01-Dec-2015 12:00:00

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