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The world's first Event Success Manager is here!

Chryssa Skodra hosting World Design Capital event

Chryssa Skodra is the first ever Event Success Manager

Europe-based Event Success Management company Lyyti launched a recruitment campaign at the Event Tech Live Expo in London in November 2021 aiming to find the world’s first Event Success Manager. More than 100 job applicants across Europe applied for the position. After the recruitment process, Mrs. Chryssa Skodra -event manager, educator and journalist- was appointed as the world’s first ever Event Success Manager. 

Chryssa started working at Lyyti in January 2022 with the vision and mission to empower its customers to create impactful events and meaningful encounters. The Event Success Manager will shape the future of Event Success Management through education, thought leadership and facilitating the implementation of Event Success Management methodology hands-on. She will nurture a new lineage of Event Success Managers in companies that wish to implement the concept. 

“We have already seen the power of Event Success Management in creating more value to participants and hence to the event organisers. Our goal is to help forward-thinking and pioneering organisations implement this methodology and witness its added value. We will roll up our sleeves and not just preach about the methodology. We will concretely help these organisations and Chryssa has an essential role in it,” comments Petri Hollmén, CEO of Lyyti.

“Every big movement started small, from one person or a group of people. Now we have one person in this role, but in the near future we envision hundreds and thousands of people around the world joining the movement, contributing to the community and executing Event Success Management,” continues Hollmén. 

We set out to look for a unicorn and we found Chryssa who encompasses all the elements of our ideal Event Success Manager. She's a multi-talented professional in events, communication, education and community management. Chryssa is capable of planning and executing events, educating and empowering customers to succeed with their own events, too. Her communication skills get people excited about the topic," says Lyyti's Head of FP&A and Strategy Aleksi Kaunisto, who has been one of the key forces of the Event Success Management concept.

Chryssa Skodra LinkedIn-1

“I am honoured to be chosen as the world’s first Event Success Manager. I have been working in major spotlight events such as the Athens 2004 Olympic Games and I have been a lecturer of Event Management in higher education across Europe since 2010. Having studied Arts Management in Sibelius Academy and working as an event planner and event management lecturer, I see Event Success Management as a long-awaited progression from the old-fashioned Event Management. My goal is to help event organisers create continuously improved events that have a transformative power over their guests’ experiences that are translated to measurable gains for their companies. I want to be the proud voice of Event Success Management and inspire fellow event organisers across industries and around the world to become one with Event Success,” says Chryssa Skodra, the newly appointed Event Success Manager.

How Event Success Management was born

Event Success Management is a systematic approach for creating more successful events. It combines event management theory with agile mindset and methodology. The event participant’s experience is at the focal point. Since, the most expensive resource at any event is the time of the people attending, any event participant who believes their time was well-spent will be more likely to engage with and meet the goals set by the event organisers, whether internal or sales-based.

Event Success vs Traditional

Event Success Management is fuelled by the industry standard metric Experience Value Score (EVS) and continuous learning and development. It links together all the events an organisation creates to be analysed systematically based on participant feedback. By applying the methodology, every event will be better than the previous one.

“Previously events have been organised in different silos inside companies and no one has had a clear overall picture on how events are performing or even what kind of events are being organised. Event Success Managers will be responsible for all the encounters that companies organise following the principles of Event Success Management, the Event Cycle and respecting the value of participants' time,” explains Kaunisto.

Event Cycle-1“Event Success Management creates a paradigm shift in the event industry and event marketing. The lack of a methodology to improve events continuously has been a bottleneck that was especially accentuated during the pandemic,”  he highlights.

Event professionals can get familiar with Event Success Management and get certified by taking the free online course on Event Success Management by Lyyti.

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If you would like more information about Lyyti, please contact Petri Hollmén, CEO at Lyyti, at petri.hollmen@lyyti.com and +358 40 1737777

If you wish to interview and book a meeting with Event Success Manager Chryssa Skodra, please contact her at chryssa.skodra@lyyti.com and +358 45 1268471.