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Top 5 Innovative Event Venues

Even though the saying 'think outside of the box' is becoming quite a cliché, sometimes it is good to take a step back and break old habits. One rut event organisers might fall into is using the same event venue year after year. One way of breaking this habit is looking outside the event venue box and find something completely different!


A general tip for someone looking for something new, is to search for spaces that are not normally considered as event venues. These spaces might have other uses, but can be changed to completely functioning event venues also. But without further ado, let's look at spaces that could easily be converted into event venues. 

1. Museums

Museums don't tend to lack in space and therefore they are a perfect option for a bigger event. Museums also give your attendees some interesting pieces to look at. A museum is a definitive conversation starter and coming up with small talk topics won't be difficult. 

2. Bowling allies

Right now you're thinking bowling allies, really?! However, modern bowling allies can be quite easily transformed from an sporting arena to spacious and great event venue. Below you see an event I attended couple of weeks ago that was held in a bowling ally, looks quite cosy, doesn't it?


3. Nightclubs during the day

Nightclubs during a busy night can be crowded, but these spaces are usually free during the day. If you are searching for a space that can fit a lot of participants then this might be the fit for you!

4. Movie Theaters

 Do you need a big space with a big screen? Are you organising an event where visual aids are important? Movie theaters have comfortable seats and big screens - perfect for events!

5. Make your own space

Tents are a great option for those of you who want to try something completely different! Tents can be placed pretty much anywhere you need them to be - you only need a good surface!

Written by Linda Kullas on 01-Oct-2015 11:00:00

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