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17-Dec-2015 11:00:00   |   Lyyti

#TBT: Lyyti Brings Groundbreaking Marketing Technique to Finland

Today, in the spirit of #ThrowBackThursday, we'll republish an old favourite. With this engaging account of an exciting new marketing technique, we'd like to wish all our readers, followers and friends a lovely holiday season!

Subject tag: Event Communication, Event Management

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22-Oct-2015 11:00:00   |   Petri Hollmén

Invited to the Crematorium?

The party season is upon us! Companies everywhere are busy organising harvest festivals and Christmas parties. But a crematorium is not an appropriate venue to host a party, not even for Halloween! 

We think the invitation process is the single most underrated marketing tool. Use it right and you will succeed- use it badly and it can go horribly wrong...Read on for a real horror story!

Subject tag: Event Communication, Event Management

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13-Oct-2015 09:16:16   |   Petri Hollmén

Why Even the Smallest Events Need Good Event Registration Software - A True Story

"Our events are really small and infrequent, we can handle the registration manually."

"There's no point in getting an entire event management system just for this, it's just a small one-off event."

I get this from prospects all the time. Personally I think it's absurd to use the size of an event as an indicator for how much effort and investment it warrants. The goal or purpose of the event should be the main concern here.  

Subject tag: Event Communication, Event Management, Event Attendance

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22-Jan-2015 13:00:00   |   Lyyti

How to Use Social Media to market Events

Everyone knows the importance of social media in getting the message out there, but it's not always used to best effect.  Here are a few suggestions that can improve results dramatically.

Subject tag: Event Communication

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14-Jan-2015 15:00:00   |   Linda Kullas

Why should you care about attendee retention?

There are two types of events, the ones that are only organised once and others that are organised regularly. Events with regularity have the pressure of staying interesting event after event. 

Subject tag: Event Communication, Event Management

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28-May-2014 08:00:00   |   Linda Kullas

Event Communication Timeline

This event communication timeline is an addition to the guide about event communication planning.

In the picture you can see all the different stages of the Event Communication Timeline described shortly. If you read past the picture you'll find more thorough explanations about the different stages. 

Subject tag: Event Communication

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27-May-2014 08:00:00   |   Linda Kullas

The Perfect Event Communication Plan (Part One)

Event communication is a tricky issue and needs to be planned well ahead to work properly. During event planning a great deal of emphasis is placed on the design of event invitations and other details, while an actual event communication plan barely receives the attention it needs. That's where most of us go wrong.

Subject tag: Event Marketing, Event Communication

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