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04-Jul-2017 12:01:47   |   Tiina Kilpelänaho

Events and data-driven sales success - How to get started

Everybody is talking about metrics, data mining and data-driven decision management. Everything is, or should be, measurable.

Subject tag: Current news, Event ROI

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10-Jun-2014 14:57:00   |   Linda Kullas

Event ROI - how to handle return on investment for an event?

Events are back in sales and marketing. In the era of content marketing, human interaction has become to a rare luxury . The recent rise in sales events has also raised attention at themanagerial level. Events are becoming a strategic tool, and they should be evaluated as one. Event ROI (event return on investment) is a tool to assess the quality and success of events.

This presentation will provide you with a short overview of event ROI, but you can also download the complete guide.

Subject tag: Event ROI

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