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12-Nov-2015 10:00:00   |   Linda Lönnqvist

TOP 10 Event Technology Trends 2015

All meetings have one thing in common. Whether you're at a small department assembly, a board meeting or an international conference: there will always be some form of event tech present. Technology is used before, during and after; for registrations, communication and content sharing. What is going on in the event tech field right now? 

Subject tag: Event Management, Global

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26-Feb-2015 13:56:00   |   Linda Lönnqvist

Paying It Forward - Lyyti extends a helping paw


It's a grey and gloomy february morning. Viljo-Valdemar finds himself in the back of a van. The destination is the hospital ward at the City of Kaarina Medical Centre. What's it going to be like? Viljo doesn't mind. He's used to being carted around different hospitals and care centres. 

Subject tag: Global

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08-Jun-2014 20:04:00   |   Linda Kullas

Why is event marketing important?

We have previously discussed the following topics:

Your event will define you! 

How to handle event budgeting?   

Event attendance- will anyone show up? 

How to manage event scheduling? 

What event theme to choose?

The all important event venue!

With pre-event marketing you can start a buzz before the event has even begun. And all types of social media efforts are encouraged before the event. On social media you can start a group for your event and of course start a hashtag for your event. One mistake that pops up quite often is that an event hasn’t stated a clear hashtag and engagement via social media suffers. 

Subject tag: Global

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