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25-Aug-2020 16:38:46   |   Anna Kauppila

Equality in online services – accessibility concerns everyone

The Internet is an essential way to get information, no matter who you are. Digital accessibility ensures everyone the possibility to search for information and use services, including people with various disabilities, such as visual, hearing or motor impairments. In this post, we share information on the main principles of accessibility and how we ensure accessibility in Lyyti.

Subject tag: Topical, Accessibility

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11-Aug-2020 14:24:38   |   Juho Harmaa

Organise webinars in Lyyti with your online meeting software

Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google meet are a few of the most popular online meeting softwares. We have all grown familiar with their usage in the past months and years as we arrange more and more meetings online. Even though they are excellent in holding meetings, online meeting softwares are not fully capable of transitioning your in-person events to online and lack many critical features. 

Subject tag: Webinar, Online Event, Hybrid Event, Topical

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