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Excellent Event Communication

How to apply the 3T-method to your event communication plan

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This guide is all about Lyyti's very own 3T-method, and how to make use of it at every phase of the event communication timeline. As we all know even the greatest event can fail completely, if communication around and during the event isn't up to scratch!

This guide was written by Lyyti's CEO and founder Petri Hollmén. Petri possesses decades worth of experience from the hospitality and event field, including planning, executing and managing all types of events.

The 3T-method is a template for planning and creating both concepts and communication plans for all types of events. It aims to make life and work easier for everyone who ever ends up planning an event, regardless of the setting or target groups involved. We hope you enjoy our 3T guide!

Download Excellent Event Communication here, it's free!