Features that help you save time at your events

Lyyti is a web-based service that contains all the tools that are needed for online event management.

Collect signups through a webpage

Forget about copying attendee information from your email to a spreadsheet. Our software automatically collects all the attendee details you require into comprehensive attendee lists.

Custom event websites

Create websites and event apps for your events. No programming skills or external hosting needed! The style and design of the page is based on the existing brand material in your Lyyti account.

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Registration forms for every need

Automated Queue

People interested in your event can sign up for the waiting list if the event gets fully booked. They will be informed automatically once a spot opens up.


Let your participants sign up as groups. A group registration allows you to communicate all event information through one group contact person, instead of messaging each participant individually.

Fully Customizable Layouts

The event pages you create in Lyyti are fully customizable. Choose the colors, pictures and fonts that suit and your event and your brand best.

Scan the tickets at the door

Download our mobile app (available for iOS, Android & Windows Phone) and scan the tickets on entry. This way you will know who's actually been to your event and who just reserved the tickets and didn’t show up.





Send emails to the attendees via Lyyti. You can easily select to whom you will be sending: select a single participant, select a group of people who share a common feature or send an email to all registered participants in an event.


Get more people to show up for your event by reminding them with a friendly text message just before the event starts. Text messages are also perfect for informing about sudden changes.


All messages sent from Lyyti can be customized to match your brand. Use your own images, fonts and colors to make your messaging match your brand and stand out in the crowd.

Confirmation messages

The software automatically sends out a confirmation message to people who have signed up for your event. This message includes all the important information about your event.

Smart defaults

We have created smart default messages for you to use at your events. Replace the information in the messages with your own and just hit send!


You can easily attach images, reports and other files to your messages. All files will be saved in Lyyti so that you don’t need to worry about losing anything.

Collect feedback and learn how to improve your events

Using our feedback tool, you can easily create feedback questionnaires which can  be sent to everyone who participated in your event. Follow the feedback submissions in real time, share the reports with everyone in your company and analyze the results together in order to improve your events. Successful events will help improve your company image and they will communicate professionalism to your customers. By using Lyyti to manage your events you will learn how to organize events where your participants are enjoying themselves.

Microsoft Dynamics

From customer relationship management (CRM) software to enterprise resource planning (ERP), and from supply chain management to business intelligence and reporting, Microsoft Dynamics has a business solution that's just right for you.




Track your visits and registrations. Create goals and funnels that integrate perfectly with your own Analytics. Simple one click installation for your whole company.


Salesforce is a leading CRM solution for many of the largest companies world-wide. Integrate your CRM to Lyyti to give your CRM Event-superpowers.

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