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Automatic event communication

Make participant communication feel personal

Connect with your crowd

Consistent, well timed and relevant communication is the most powerful tool for creating successful events - for event organisers and participants alike.

Lyyti has applied the main principles of marketing automation to event communication, so now it's easier than ever to form a personal connection with every single participant - without drowning in email. Dynamic messaging tools allow you to build a communication flow that can be replicated and fine-tuned for all your event needs.

We've cherry-picked a few features from Lyyti's messaging tool to present here. Please get in touch to experience the complete tour!

Customizable messages

The basic structure of Lyyti's message flow is made up by the registration page, the thank you page and the confirmation message. They can all be customized, down to the smallest detail.

Choose your recipients

Remember, relevant messages only! Irrelevant noise is annoying, and it drowns out the important information you want to share. Lyyti's automatic messaging tool allows you to set your own terms for breaking down your participants into specific target groups.

Share whatever

Add any kind of links and files to your Lyyti messages. All you need to do is drop your files in Lyyti's file bank first. Directions, disclaimers, seminar schedules, info kits, you name it!

Message log

Lyyti keeps track of your message traffic. You'll be able to see, at a glance, whether your message has been scheduled, sent, opened or clicked.


A good, old SMS doesn't go by unnoticed! Lyyti's SMS tool features the same recipient filtering and personalizing tools as the email messages. A hassle-free way to add that personal touch!

Automatic confirmation

Uncertainty is a drag! Lyyti provides your participants with instant confirmation as soon as they have signed up for your event.

For your eyes only

Let's make it personal! Lyyti's personalization tool let's you automatically add the recipient's name, personal registration link, event venue or date (and more!) to any message.

A proper dry run...

...brings peace of mind! We've improved the testing facilities; now you can test run your messages using a real participant's contact information. The mock-up doesn't even affect your statistics.

Event websites

A customised website is a very useful way of distributing information and marketing your event. Lyyti automatically generates one for your event. Adding and editing content to your event page is a piece of cake, no programming skills needed! Click here to view some layout examples!

Steve receives a personalized SMS

Thousands of happy Lyyti users around the globe - join them today!

Please request a free demo to talk to one of our experts about what Lyyti can do for you. The demo is conducted online, it's free of charge and there's no obligation to buy anything.