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Lyyti Analytics

See the results of your digital marketing efforts

The marketer's little helper

  • Which channel is the most efficient one for advertising your event? Which one is the most cost effective?
  • Who's visited your registration page?
  • How many participants signed up as a result of seeing an ad on social media?

Digital marketing is a vast field of opportunities and practices, where tracking and monitoring is paramount. But when the goal of a marketing campaign is to get people to register for an event, the usual clicks and views aren't information enough. Lyyti's analytics add-on let's you decide on a conversion point. It's much more interesting to find out who's actually reacted upon seeing an ad and signed up, or how many ended up on the registration page but didn't follow through.

Analytics in Lyyti

Lyyti's analytics add-on will accomodate as many tracking codes as you need. You can e.g. enter your Google Analytics-code in order to see what your contacts are getting up to on your registration and event pages. If you advertise your event on, say, Facebook, you can simply set a tracking code for your ad group to fire on the thank you-page of the event. That way you'll see who's chosen to register as a direct reaction to your Facebook campaign. The possibilities are near endless, the only limit is the imagination of the digital marketer!

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