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Lyyti for business development

From participant data to customer data

The purpose of Lyyti

Collection and management of participant data and event data play an important part in business development. Different fields and different departments within a company have very specific needs when it comes to participant data management.

For a member of the sales team, participant data equals leads that need to be added to the CRM system. For an HR manager or a coordinator, participant data can be information about co-workers only - employee data needs to be updated regularly in conjunction with training days, certifications etc. No matter what type the event represents, participant data is always collected. But what really matters is how the event data is put to use after that.

Increase sales

Increase sales with events

Events and event marketing are an important tool in a company's strategic toolbox, just like any other marketing endeavour. This is why events need to be assessed and measured like any other marketing investment. The more meaningful encounters your sales people achieve, the more deals they will close.
Constant development of the sales process is just as important as simply increasing net sales. When you ensure all event data is manageable via your CRM system, you'll be able to pinpoint exactly which events are productive and which ones have a poor ROI. No more guessing - base your future event marketing decisions on data instead of hunches. Your events are supposed to support your sales team, not the other way around.

Skill management

Skill management and HR

Coordinators, training managers, assistants and other HR-related professionals hardly ever see themselves as event professionals. Yet every single training session, educational event or class they organize ticks all the same boxes as any other event type, when it comes to practicalities and (especially!) communication requirements.

Skill management is on everybody's lips, since it's such an important part of business development. Think about it: if a company-wide training plan and participant/employee data never meet, how can we track the need for additional training or follow up on certification deadlines?

Lyyti is a software company that specializes in participant data collection and management

Our goal is to help our clients grow their business. We want to introduce and maintain the idea that successful events result in actual, measurable growth, instead of events being a burden on both budget and staff. We aim to benefit all user levels: organisation, event organiser and event participant.

Event organiser
Event participant

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