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Event Management Guides
& Stuff

Our resource material is for anyone who's interested in event management and production, event marketing or event communication. Download for free!


How will COVID-19 change
the event industry?

The great uncertainties make forecasting the future close to impossible, but we thought we give it a try. We asked 497 event professionals, based in Northern Europe, how will COVID-19 change the event industry.
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Event KPIs and key event metrics

Learn how to verify the productivity of your events and how to conceptualize and scale your B2B event process.
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Event management and the GDPR - 39 questions and answers

In November 2017, Lyyti organised a GDPR-themed event for event professionals in Helsinki. The audience got to ask questions about how the GDPR impacts their work, and our experts provided the answers. We compiled the questions and answers have been compiled in this guide. Even though you may not have been able to participate in the actual event, we think you might find this guide interesting!
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Event Marketing Playbook

In this playbook we’ll reveal our best-kept secrets on why and how to set up an event as a part of your marketing strategy, how to market your event, how to get the ideal participants to attend, and how to follow up and engage with them.

How to choose the right event management software

Choosing the right software for the job can be a real pain, especially if you're not 100% sure what you're looking for. We made a comparison guide for you, to help with event management software acquisition!
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A guide to developing your B2B event process

This guide will hopefully help you see your B2B events in a new light. Learn how to get maximum return on every euro in your event budget and how to benefit from data-driven event management.
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How to increase sales with event management

Why should participant data definitely be brought into the CRM system? Because full control of event data makes constant development of sales and marketing processes effortless and consistent. In this guide, Lyyti's sales tech specialist Jussi Heikkonen tells us all about it.

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The guide to excellent event communication

This guide is all about Lyyti's very own 3T-method, and how to make use of it at every phase of the event communication timeline. It's written by Lyyti's CEO and founder Petri Hollmén. Petri possesses decades worth of experience from the hospitality and event field, including planning, executing and managing all types of events.
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Tools & Templates

Download the 3T Planner!

This 3T spreadsheet template makes event planning easier than ever. The 3T method is suitable for planning and brainstorming all types of events and all kinds of event communication. Download and share with friends and colleagues!
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Download the Coordinator's Communication Checklist!

This single-sheet infographic is a handy reminder and checklist for anyone who organises educational events and handles the communication around them.
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