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Training and coaching

Software doesn't guarantee success, skilled people do!

Continuous development with Lyyti

Continuous development

We're known for our swift reactions and agile product development process, when it comes to listening and reacting to the wishes and demands of our users. The rumour is true, but we'd like to point out that we're just as good at helping our users and clients become great at event management!

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Basic training

Lyyti's basic training is the springboard into using the software. It's also an introduction to event management as a relevant part of the growth stack, and helps create a wider understanding of how events fit in with the other marketing actions a company may be taking. Basic training is not just for initial onboarding, a training session will come in handy whenever there's a change in staffing or just a need to brush up on Lyyti skills. A training session will always be tailored to the client's needs, e.g. focusing on certain features. Regular training helps grow your investment!

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We offer coaching sessions on event concept development and event communication, aimed at decision makers and management. Coaching is always conducted in small groups and tailored to the client's wishes. In session, the client's event processes are reviewed and improved together. Our tried and tested 3T method for event and communication planning is an important feature in these sessions, and the method is applied to live examples.

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