Sell tickets and stuff!

Lyyti packs a payment tool that's both easy to use and utterly reliable.

An uncomplicated ticketing system, a choice of payment methods and safe transfers makes for a fast and fun way to make more €$£s from your event. You don't have to sell tickets and collect participant fees only: it works for merchandising and donations too!


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Increase revenue by selling tickets to your events

Ticketing with Lyyti is a no-brainer

It's pretty normal (though far from ideal) to have a few different systems in use when selling tickets to an event. Sometimes registrations are collected with one system and the sales transaction made with another. Invoicing might require a third approach. How about having all of this in one place instead? 

Registration and tickets all-in-one

Lyyti allows you to collect participant data and sell tickets on the very same page. All you need to do is create your registration page, customize it to your event, set the prices for your tickets and off you go. Simply share the registration page link to your target group and watch the signups roll in.



Lyyti and PayPal are the best of friends. This is the fast and easy way for your participants to pay for their shopping. 



Some prefer a good ol' invoice, and there's nothing wrong with that. Lyyti's pdf-invoicing function is swift and safe.


Tired of funky ticketing services? With Lyyti you don't only sell tickets, you deliver them too.
When a participant has completed the registration and transaction, they automatically receive a confirmation message and the ticket in their inbox.

The pdf-ticket is mobile responsive and can be either printed out or viewed on any mobile device.
At the event, you can use Lyyti's mobile app to scan the tickets and keep track of who actually shows up.

Training and education

Make it easy on yourself: collect class enrolments and participation fees with Lyyti.


Advertise your seminar like a boss! Registrations and ticketing already in Lyyti makes for some seriously easy event communication.


100, 1000 or 10 000 participants? It doesn't matter, Lyyti can handle it. And with a little help from Lyyti, you can too.


Lyyti's payment feature can double as a traditional webshop. Sell stuff with or without an actual live event involved!

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