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Lyyti Marketplace

Werk slimmer, niet harder :-) Integreer met andere platformen.

Lyyti Marketplace turns Lyyti into an even more versatile event management platform. At Lyyti Marketplace, you'll meet our trusted friends: apps and software that we have built a system integration with. An integration allows relevant data to be transfered between Lyyti and the service in question. Lyyti provides the event data and the integrated service brings useful functions and applications for event better event data management. Please click here to read more about integrations!

Lyyti Marketplace

Compatibility and reliability

When choosing one of our integration partners through Lyyti Marketplace, your can rest assured there won't be any nasty surprises. We have hand picked providers who run trustworthy businesses and reliable software services. They're always highly compatible with Lyyti, while meeting the same high data protection requirements we work by.

Besides purchasing integration packs, you can use Lyyti Marketplace to aquire Lyyti add-ons, e.g. Lyyti Designer or more user credentials for your team.

MS Dynamics

Microsoft's popular business platform
Learn more

Drupal 8

Event calendar module for Drupal
Learn more


A great CRM-platform (our choice!)
Learn more


A user friendly email marketing tool from Finland
Learn more


Oracle's marketing cloud

Learn more


A very smart table seating planner
Learn more

Do you want to build your own integration?

We develop Lyyti in collaboration with our clients and users. We'd love to hear what kind of Lyyti-integrations you would like to see, or maybe even help develop! Please drop us a line about your ideas with this form. Your message reaches our DEV team directly, and they'll contact you shortly to discuss your ideas. Meanwhile, you can get acquainted with our API by clicking here!

Contact the DEV team

Duizenden tevreden Lyyti gebruikers wereldwijd - Wordt er ook één!

Vraag een gratis demo aan om te praten met onze eventexperts over wat Lyyti kan doen voor jullie. Deze demo vindt online plaats, is gratis en zonder verplichtingen.