Who are the participants who get the most out of attending your events?

This ebook lays out the process of defining the ideal participant for an event and planning the event to cater to their needs and preferences. It provides insights into identifying the ideal participant for events and tailoring event planning and content to provide a meaningful and engaging experience.

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Here's what you can expect to learn

1. Understanding your audience
Basics of defining a target audience using demographic and personalised targeting.

2. Creating ideal participant profile
Build your ideal participant profile that aligns with the purpose and targets for your event.

3. Starting the process
To identify the ideal participant, examine past events and collected feedback. Consider the most valuable participant types from previous events. 

4. Defining participant attributes
Attributes that describe the ideal participant can include demographic characteristics, work and leisure interests, values, goals, personality, and more. 

5. Understanding participant's relationship
Tailor content to the ideal participant. Consider how they would learn about the event, what content would amaze them, what story and tone resonate, and what additional value they seek from the event.

6. Choosing the right event type
Consider whether an event should be live, virtual, or hybrid based on the participant's preferences and needs.

7. Mapping the customer journey
Different content is needed for those unfamiliar with your brand compared to existing customers. Collaboration with sales and marketing teams can help target the right content.

8. Event planning and marketing
Consider how participants would engage with event promotion and design content that resonates with their interests and values.

9. Setting event goals
Events can introduce participants to a brand, drive interest, and guide them through the buyer's journey. Consider how the event concept progresses participants along this journey.

10. Continuous improvement
After the event, conduct a retrospective to improve future events.

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