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16-Oct-2020 06:00:00   |   Anna Kauppila

How to measure event success

Everyone who works with events can recognise the frustration of not being able to measure and prove their success accurately. Sure, we've all heard of event ROI, and it's common for many companies to use this metric to calculate what the organiser has received in return for their event. Still, there's no standardised way of measuring ROI, and this metric only answers half of the question. To this day, the common assumption is that every event is unique, and thus there can be no common nominator for measuring event success. In this blog post, we discuss the factors that affect event measurability and offer an entirely new perspective on the topic.

Subject tag: Event ROI, Event Surveys and Feedback, Topical

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10-Sep-2020 14:02:44   |   Maria Saaristo

Somewhere over the rainbow, Lyyti brings people together

Lyyti tends to come in handy in many different situations. As we're currently celebrating Helsinki Pride Week 2020, let's take a closer look at a few tips and tricks that our multi-skilled Head of International Operations, Maria, offered the organisers of Turku Pride in 2017.

Subject tag: Event Communication, Event Management

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08-Sep-2020 08:16:33   |   Lari LEMPINEN

Keep the faith – Lyyti France fights Corona

As you may well know, Lyyti started as a family-owned software company in the small city of Turku, Finland. During the last couple of years, we've worked very hard for growth and internationalisation, and by now we've already established subsidiaries in Paris and Amsterdam. Like so many other industries, the Covid-19 pandemic has also struck us hard, and all our teams have been in constant fight mode to survive. This is the story of our resourceful team of five in the heart of Paris, in their continuous battle for our beloved event industry.

Subject tag: Lyyti Challenge, Lyyti People

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25-Aug-2020 16:38:46   |   Anna Kauppila

Equality in online services – accessibility concerns everyone

The Internet is an essential way to get information, no matter who you are. Digital accessibility ensures everyone the possibility to search for information and use services, including people with various disabilities, such as visual, hearing or motor impairments. In this post, we share information on the main principles of accessibility and how we ensure accessibility in Lyyti.

Subject tag: Topical, Accessibility

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11-Aug-2020 14:24:38   |   Juho Harmaa

Organise webinars in Lyyti with your online meeting software

Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google meet are a few of the most popular online meeting softwares. We have all grown familiar with their usage in the past months and years as we arrange more and more meetings online. Even though they are excellent in holding meetings, online meeting softwares are not fully capable of transitioning your in-person events to online and lack many critical features. 

Subject tag: Webinar, Online Event, Hybrid Event, Topical

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15-Jun-2020 13:56:00   |   Matleena Ronkainen

Sustainable events

Events are close to our hearts at Lyyti, but so is the environment. Have you given any thought to what your events do to their surroundings? In this blog, we give you simple tips on how you can reduce the stress on the environment in your event activity.

Subject tag: Event Management, Sustainable events

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15-Jun-2020 13:20:13   |   Kaisa Oksanen

Identify your event types

The content and set-up of every event are unique. This could be one reason why so many organisations find it challenging to understand the relevance of events in their business. There can be a distinctive goal and purpose behind every event, yet sometimes the actual follow-up of these goals and purposes is left out, thus leaving the costs as the only concrete outcome.

Subject tag: Event Marketing, Event Communication, Event Management, Event ROI

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11-Jun-2020 15:49:01   |   Heikki Sivonen

Small and local events – who they are for and why you should have them

What exactly comes to mind when you consider event marketing as a concept? A packed arena with international artists and big speakers, surrounded by top notch light and sound systems? If this is the case, you’re probably not alone. We can all agree that without a doubt, large-scale events are impressive and memorable. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that they’re the only way to success. In fact, many organisations have started to invest in events that are local and more exclusive, because there are certain risks that can be avoided and significant benefits to be gained in events of a smaller scale. Especially now when we’re bound by strict regulations and recommendations, smaller events are something every event professional should consider.

Subject tag: Event Marketing, Event Management

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05-Jun-2020 07:52:58   |   Anna Kauppila

The new normal of event marketing

In many companies events are still an important part of the marketing strategy, in spite of the fact that the current situation has demanded swift decisions and flexible adjustments. It’s still hard to predict the future of events or their marketing, but certain scenarios and perspectives have come to dominate when future activities are being considered. What will be the new normal of event marketing, now that we’re slowly but surely starting to step back to everyday life? 

Subject tag: Event Marketing, Online Event, Hybrid Event

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29-May-2020 08:45:28   |   Antti Vaahtoranta

Let your event goals determine your marketing tools

As the toolbox for marketeers is expanding rapidly, the choices regarding participant data storage become more and more important. What should be the master database for participant data? Which tools should be used for different types of event communication? This blog presents how you can make smart decisions in terms of marketing tools, by defining how your events are positioned in your customer journey. 

Subject tag: Event Marketing, Event Communication, Event Management

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