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Frequently asked questions

What is your pricing policy?

The Lyyti service is primarily provided as a licensed service model with a monthly fee. 

Is it possible to purchase Lyyti services for a one-off event?

Indeed it is. In such cases, we will assess the need together with the client and tailor a quote based on that. 

We only host one event a year, is there any point in getting Lyyti?

It is always a good idea to automate event management processes, regardless of the size or amount of events. Lyyti will help you see the results of your event, even if you've only invited 10 persons. If your organisation only produces one or two events a year, we recommend contacting us for an individual one-off quote.

Is it safe?

Rest assured, Lyyti is totally safe. We never, ever share any of your data with any third parties. We are monitored and regularly audited by KPMG. Our client roster includes clients to whom secrecy and information security are of utmost importance, e.g. the Finnish Parliament and the Bank of Finland.

Can Lyyti be integrated with our CRM?

Most likely, yes. Integration requests are always handled case by case. 

How quickly can we get Lyyti up and running?

We can activate your account and get you started within a working day. An onboarding training session for new Lyyti users can usually be arranged within a week or so.

Does Lyyti require customization, and if so, what will it cost?

The Lyyti software is designed for maximum flexibility, and you should be able to apply Lyyti to your event management needs without any extra tweaking. Our open access API offers a multitude of possibilities for customization and integrations. 

Something else on your mind?

Please do not hesitate to call our friendly Global Manager Simo on +358 5040 53776! He'll be able to answer the trickiest of your questions. You can also contact our awesome customer support team via care@lyyti.com

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