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Shed more light on the digital customer journey

Chances are you're not getting the best out of your event data.

What happens to event data when the event is over and the thank you-messages have been sent? Do you know for certain who was present at the event? How did they come across your invitation in the first place, and did they take any desired action after attending your event? Marketing today, in general, consists of a myriad of digital activities and touchpoints that can be tracked and measured in detail. It's about time offline marketing efforts, like events, get the same treatment.

Lyyti can be integrated with most marketing platforms and CRM systems. With the help of a purposeful integration, a participant's activities can be tracked during the entire lifespan of an event. Event participation and event-related touchpoints become a transparent part of the participant's customer journey.

Typical challenges regarding data generated by or at events

Events are a separate project, disconnected from the rest of the marketing effort

This is the big one: data is fragmented between separate systems and databases. It's hard to get a clear and comprehensive view of the marketing process as a whole, when parts of the data needs to be harvested from separated sources and parts of the marketing data is M.I.A. Integrations can help with this, by automatically importing data from different sources and systems to a centralized data master or dashboard. 

Leads don't make it to the sales funnel

Leads generated at offline events usually exist in the shape of a pile of business cards, stockpiled in either a coat pocket or on a desk somewhere. The leads could instead be captured via a digital tool (like an event management system), to be transfered via integration to whatever tool the sales team uses to follow up. Lead nurturing can commence right away, as opposed to letting the trail cool or letting contact details disappear in the recycling bin.

Blind spots on the customer journey

It's hard to tell which marketing touchpoints actually promote a purchasing decision. Events and meetings can be pivotal, but no-one will ever know about it unless the CRM (or similar) where the purchase is documented doesn't receive the relevant information from the event data management system. This, too, can be solved by integrating the two.  

markkinointiLyyti + Marketing Platforms

Measure, organize and follow up on your offline events, just as you would with any other marketing events like content offerings or advertising. Lyyti can be integrated with most marketing systems, e.g.  HubSpot, Eloqua and Pardot. When all your marketing related data ends up in one master system, you'll be able to easily measure the impact of your marketing campaigns.

Lyyti is how featured in HubSpot Connect! Click here to check it out.

Lyyti + CRM Systems

Transfer event leads straight to your CRM for safekeeping and immediate follow-up action. Having event touchpoints on record also makes it a lot easier to measure event ROI. The sales team gets a better view of the lead's/customer's behaviour and needs, when offline events are documented on the customer journey. Lyyti can be integrated with most CRM systems, including Salesforce and MS Dynamics.

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