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Lyyti Mobile

Not just a QR-reader

Lyyti Mobile is a fast and easy way to scan tickets and check participants in.


1. New and improved QR-scanning. The participant automatically receives the status "Attending". The scanner view packs a control for turning the phone's light on and off, to help with scanning in less than ideal lighting conditions.

2. The newest app version is operated with gestures-this is if you choose to forgo the QR-codes altogether and check guests in manually. To check a guest in, find their name on the guest list and simply swipe it right in a Tinder-esque fashion. By swiping left, you can further modify the guest's status.

3. The guest list is not just names: you can view participant information by tapping the name of a participant on the guest list. You'll see both contact details and the choices and answers the participant gave when they signed up for your event.

4. Communicate with participants directly from the app, by email or SMS. Sort recipients by status or just send a private message to one person.

5. Search function: it works by both name and email address. This makes manual check-in crazy easy.

6. Scan and check in to the same event with several devices, and when you share viewing rights to your event in Lyyti, you can invite other team members to participate in the check-in. This is pretty handy if you choose to employ folks from outside your company to work at your events.

Download for free:

For Apple devices: App Store            For Android-devices: Google Play

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Thousands of happy Lyyti users around the globe - join them today!

Please request a free demo to talk to one of our experts about what Lyyti can do for you. The demo is conducted online, it's free of charge and there's no obligation to buy anything.