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Invitation and registration

Send invitations and collects sign-ups with Lyyti

Invite and register your guests...

...without a single email inquiry, phone call or booking gone missing. Sound good? Lyyti's automatic registration flow considers both the organisers and the participants. Thanks to the automation, your messages always bear relevance to the receiver. For the participants, the signup process is pleasant and clear. Signing up for an event can never be made too easy! Relevant communication helps diminish no-shows, too.

Custom questions

Lyyti's registration forms allow you to create the questions and fields you need for your event. On top of open answer fields there's the option to use multiple choice, drop-down selection and smart questions for different participant groups. If a question is irrelevant to a participant, it won't even be visible to them. Short and simple form - quick and easy signup!

Mobile friendly

Lyyti's registration and messaging is mobile responsive and easy to use on all screen sizes.

Follow up in real-time

When your invitations have been sent out, you can sit back and watch the signups roll in. The participation stats are constantly updated, so you can react quickly if you need to. Is participation slow or low? Time to send out more invitations or reminders. Is one participant group rushing to your event, but another group not so keen? Free up some capacity for the more eager participants, in just a few clicks.

Waiting list

Want to make sure your event is filled to the rafters? Leave it to the automatic waiting list! When your event is full, participants can still get in line and hope that somebody else has to cancel their registration. When this happens, they receive an instant notification and a new signup link. Once activated, you don't even have to lift a finger; the waiting list system is fully automated.

Branded event communication

Lyyti's registration pages and invitations are customized to visually fit your brand and your event perfectly. Click here to view some examples of what Lyyti can do layout-wise!

Relevant messaging

Lyyti has applied the main principles of marketing automation to event communication. Now it's easier than ever to form a personal connection with every single participant. Filter your participants according to participation status, and they'll never get an irrelevant message! Lyyti remembers your messaging settings. If you've set a message to be delivered at the end of the month to all registered participants, the recipient group will be filtered at the moment of sending.

Localised content

Lyyti's invitations and registration pages are easily localised to fit communication standards all over the world, e.g. date format or commonly used personal titles.

Group registration

Group registration means that one contact person can register a group of participants, e.g. teachers and students or sports teams. This feature allows you to communicate different things to group members and contact persons. The same principle is applied to Lyyti's avec-registration, where a participant can register a plus one when they sign up.

Mauno viestii

How to create a great event invitation

The sole purpose of an event invitation is to get potential participants to register and show up for the event. What does a good invitation look like? Here's a blog post with 5 easy steps towards putting together a successful invitation!

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