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Reports, sharing and analysis

Lyyti makes sure everyone's up to speed

How's your internal communication?

As we all know, organising even the simplest events requires a truckload of communication back and forth. Lyyti's event communication towards participants is flawless, but what about the internal communication within the team(s)? There can be so many players involved, and they all might require different information about the same event, on a near-daily basis:

  • the production team
  • catering
  • speakers, entertainers, artists
  • the venue
  • the security
  • sponsors
  • your boss
  • other collaborators
  • and most likely a few more people...


Easy reporting

Lyyti's reporting tool helps you create a relevant and concise report of your event and participant data, in no time. Hardly ever do you need to share every single tidbit with anyone, so concentrate on what's important and filter a report with just the information the receiver needs at that particular time. This makes it very easy to leave out e.g. sensitive participant data from external reports. Lyyti builds a printable report based on your specification automatically, but Excel lovers needn't despair: the spreadsheet option is always there, just a click away...

The online report

Lyyti's online report is the busy organiser's best friend. Once you've specified the fields and columns you want to see in your report, Lyyti puts the report online (password protection available!) and creates a link that can be sent to anyone who needs it. The report opens in the browser, and by refreshing the window the report always displays the status quo. Stay up to date wherever you are!

Steve checks his report while commuting

Would you like to see just how easy reporting is?

Our experts would love to show you how it works and tell you more about it. Please submit a contact request and we'll sort it out!

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