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We offer flexible pricing plans and
product bundles for different needs.

A service that grows along with your requirements

Lyyti Single

The event manager's basic toolkit includes:

  • All the features you need for professional event management
  • A questionnaire and feedback tool
  • 1 user account
  • 1 custom layout
  • 1 online training session (3 h)

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Lyyti Premium

This complete event management solution for professional use includes

  • All the features you need for professional event management and collaboration
  • A questionnaire and feedback tool
  • 2 user accounts
  • 1 custom layout
  • API access (basic participant data)
  • 1 training session (4h)

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Lyyti Enterprise

This all-round event management solution for the entire corporation includes

  • All the features you need for professional event management and collaboration
  • Corporate structure tools (units and departments, management and reports)
  • A questionnaire and feedback tool
  • 3 user accounts (out of which 1-3 admin users)
  • 1 custom layout
  • API access (custom participant data)
  • 2 training sessions
  • All available plug-and-play integrations

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Do you need help with managing a one-off event?

Lyyti Event - Professional events, great results

A custom event management package deal, for a one-off event.

  • A suitable amount of user accounts
  • 1 online training session (3h)
  • 1 custom layout
  • Access to all Lyyti tools before and during the event
  • Prices start at 1600 €

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Frequently asked questions

What's the logic behind the pricing?

The Lyyti software service is primarily provided as a licensed service model with a monthly fee. The most common contract type is a yearly contract.

Is it possible to purchase Lyyti just for one event?

Indeed it is. In such cases, we will assess the event project together with the client and tailor a quote based on that. 

Is it safe?

Rest assured, Lyyti is totally safe and GDPR-compliant. Our client roster includes clients to whom secrecy and information security are of utmost importance, e.g. the Finnish Parliament and the Bank of Finland. The same high safety standards are applied to all our clients.

Will Lyyti integrate with our CRM-system?

Most likely, yes! Lyyti's open access API allows clients to develop their own integrations with Lyyti. We also offer plug-and-play integrations with both MS Dynamics and Salesforce. Click here for more information on integrations!

Does Lyyti require customisation and other extra programming?

The Lyyti software is designed for maximum flexibility, and you should be able to apply Lyyti to your event management needs without any extra tweaking. Our open access API offers a multitude of possibilities for customisation and integrations. 

Thousands of happy Lyyti users around the globe - join them today!

Please request a free demo to talk to one of our experts about what Lyyti can do for you. The demo is conducted online, it's free of charge and there's no obligation to buy anything.