An event management system is your best partner in recruitment


Oh no! Merrill the Marketer has resigned and you need to open a replacement recruitment asap. It’s some time since your last recruitment and now you need to start remembering, where can you find a template for the job ad, what kind of messages did you use last and most importantly, how to collect the applications.

Last time you used your email for this and let’s be frank - it was quite a hassle. Also you are a bit concerned about GDPR, was it not so that collecting applications via email is not okay anymore? And on top of everything, the management team has been talking about employer branding more and more.

But worry not! If your company is already using Lyyti, it is quite easy to harness the software to help you with recruitment as well. 

How to identify a quality recruitment tool?

During my 10 years of working in HR, I have both seen and used various recruitment and HR software tools. This has given me good insight on what kind of tools work well. When it comes to a quality recruitment too, the three characteristics in my opinion are:

  1. It supports the company’s recruitment process and all users. The tool does not force you to act in a certain way but supports the way you want to use it. It is also easy to use both for the recruiting parties and the applicants.

  2. It creates a good candidate experience and builds your employer brand. The most important aspects here are a simple application form, the opportunity to present the look and feel of the company and timely communication. It is also important that the job ad works well both whether it is being read with a laptop or a mobile device.

  3. It is safe to use. When processing personal information, it is crucial that security matters are taken into account, data secured and that information regarding the recruitment is shared to only those who need it.

All the above naturally apply to Lyyti! 

Recruiting with Lyyti

So let’s get back to the scenario in the first paragraph. How can Lyyti help you?

  • Looking for an old job ad template? All old events are saved in Lyyti thus it is easy to use one as a basis for the new recruitment. You can also create a recruitment event to be used as a template, which you can copy any time you need to open a new recruitment. Message templates and backgrounds are copied simultaneously as well.

  • What kind of messages have we used before? Sending them one by one per email takes so much time! You can check out old messages in previous events from Lyyti, create the messages for each recruitment in advance and even schedule them to be sent out whenever you want. Messages can be sent to e.g. one candidate or all of them by email and/or SMS. Lyyti will also send confirmation messages automatically after the candidate has sent their application. One more step not to worry about! 
  • How to collect the applications? What does GDPR have to say about this? Since GDPR came into force, it is almost impossible to gather and handle information manually so that all is done properly. With Lyyti you do not have to worry about this since the software is GDPR compliant and we take data security very seriously. You can also share candidate information to only those who need the information - either in Lyyti or via password-secured online reports.
  • What about candidate experience and building employer branding? Using Lyyti’s event website functionality enables you to build a stylish and on-brand job ad. You can create a background that reflects your brand and e.g. insert photos and videos to the job ad. You can also define what information you want to gather from the applicants - as little or as much as you please. The same visuals can be applied to all messages sent from Lyyti so that your brand story stays unified.

  • I have not even thought about the candidates using their mobile phones! An increasing number of candidates browse job ads and even fill out applications with their mobile phone. With Lyyti you can be sure that your job ad looks good regardless of the device being used. 

These are just some of the ways Lyyti can support you when recruiting. It is also much more cost-effective to e.g. purchase an extra licence or two to Lyyti than it is to acquire a recruitment software. Also it takes less time to take Lyyti into use since it is already familiar in the company and does not add yet another software to your company’s software stack.

Want to see how a recruitment in Lyyti actually looks? Check out our open application

You can also contact me directly if you wish to spar about the topic or send me a LinkedIn request.


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Hero photo by Brooke Lark