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Collecting feedback is one of the most important steps in the lifecycle of a successful event. If you are not inviting participants to chime in, proving if an event was a hit or a miss can be too subjective to make any conclusions.

Lyyti developed the Experience Value Score (EVS) to be the industry standard for measuring events. We noticed that long surveys were usually left unanswered, and we needed the feedback from the participants to understand how our events landed.

After some thought, we came to the conclusion that the only thing we really needed to know was if the event was worth the participants time. The time investment a participant makes is the most precious item of an event to evaluate.

Leveling up

The Experience Value Score tool has expanded and you can now collect feedback in different ways depending on your needs. Pulse EVS is the latest addition to the tool and we thought it would be useful to imagine different use cases for the tool to showcase its versatility.

Pulse EVS will give you instant feedback whenever you use it. Pulse EVS doesn’t need to be connected to an event, so it can be used in any situation where you need to collect feedback whether you know the attendees or not. Users connect to your feedback survey via a QR code or an online link.

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10 variations to Pulse EVS use

By collecting instant feedback you can improve your encounters or your service as your audience is interacting with it. Here are 10 example applications for the use of Pulse EVS.


  • Collect feedback from customers in different situations to gauge their satisfaction levels and identify areas for improvement.
  • Use feedback to gather insights about customer preferences, needs, and buying behavior to inform market research initiatives.

  • Gather feedback from users to guide the development of new products or services.
  • Use feedback to identify usability issues and improve the overall user experience of a website or application.
  • Conduct user testing sessions and collect feedback to evaluate prototypes, identify design flaws, and optimize user interfaces.

  • Conduct employee satisfaction surveys to gauge employee satisfaction, identify areas of improvement, and boost employee engagement. 
  • Seek feedback for onboarding activities.


  • Implement a survey e.g. for each space of your office to understand how to improve it from the users point of view.
  • Ask each expo visitor if your booth was interesting or not.

  • Collect feedback from attendees to evaluate the success of an event and gather suggestions for future events.
  • Collect feedback from subevents or specific speakers.


  • Gather feedback about your website or app from users to identify bugs, usability issues, and gather suggestions for improvement.
  • Collect feedback from social media platforms to understand customer sentiment, identify emerging trends, and improve brand reputation.


  • Collect feedback from students to evaluate the effectiveness of a course, identify areas for improvement, and enhance the learning experience.
  • Collect feedback from employees to assess the effectiveness of training programs and make necessary improvements. Pulse EVS is especially useful when external trainers are providing the training.


  • Online polls during events - At a recent event we even asked for feedback about the drink experience!



  • Gather feedback from readers/viewers to assess the quality and relevance of content, such as blog posts, videos, or podcasts.
  • Collect feedback on how customers perceive your brand and its positioning in the market.
  • Use feedback to evaluate different versions of a website (A/B testing) or landing page and make data-driven decisions.

  • Gather feedback about your sales strategy from sales representatives to identify areas for improvement and optimise sales strategies.
  • Ask potential customers how they experienced a sales event, meeting or process to improve them further.

For more tips on how to make your events, dive into the Ultimate Guide to Succesful Events!


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Hero photo by Tim Mossholder