New event type for Lyyti Event Success Platform

New event type - other

Lyyti’s software is continuously developed by our dedicated product team and we are delighted to announce that we have added a new event type. In addition to existing event types - online, on site and hybrid - users can now select an event type called “other”.

This new event type was needed to make a clear distinction between events and non-events that Lyyti users organise. Non-events are tasks that you can do with the help of Lyyti but unlike events they are usually location independent and don’t require participants to leave any feedback. A non-event could be for example any kind of data collection task like a recruitment form.

Measure Event Success even better

If you are following the success of your events with Lyyti’s Experience Value Score, you probably also want data that separates events and non-events. For example, if you are organising different events for marketing purposes but occasionally use Lyyti for capacity management, you want to understand how the marketing events are performing and exclude simple capacity management tasks from your overall view. With the ability to choose from different event types, you will be able to drill down on your EVS results.

At Lyyti, we want our customers to be able to continuously improve their events. When you can properly compare your different event types, you are also able to make better conclusions about what needs to be improved and what works best. 

Lyyti is developed with our customers' needs in mind and our customers are quite clever when it comes to the use of the Lyyti software. This inspired us to create a post about at least 10 ways to use Lyyti.

Check out the practical details of the new event type “Other” on our knowledge base. For more info on Lyyti, you can join one of our upcoming training sessions.

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