10 ways to use Lyyti

Most of us are accustomed to certain habits and routines in our daily tasks. This probably goes for the way we use Lyyti as well; certain events and their specific processes are a part of our routine and we don’t feel the need to do them in any other way. However, it can be good to pause and take a breather, in order to consider if there could be other ways to benefit from Lyyti. 

Now is your chance to learn, as we introduce the following best practices used by not only us at Lyyti, but also our customers and partners. We’ll introduce 10 different alternatives from which you can pick the tricks that could work for you. 

1. Webinar

A webinar can practically be any kind of event that’s organised online. We at Lyyti arrange quite a few webinars as often as on a weekly basis, in the form of user trainings. Since it can be quite challenging to commit participants to an online event, the importance of communication has to be taken into account. In our webinars Lyyti is used throughout the whole communication process, all the way from the confirmation to the reminders and thank you messages.

You can also connect Lyyti to the most common webinar tools, and thus manage your webinar in Lyyti the same way you would an on-site event. By utilising the connector, you can communicate and manage information, as well as check in your participants to your webinar. Learn more here.

2. Recruiting form

It’s easy to ensure an effortless applicant experience with the help of Lyyti. The recruiting form can be custom made to fit the brand of any organisation and the communication with emails and text messages is quick and easy. Only the essential questions that are specific for the position at hand are asked on the form, which ensures a straightforward application process for the applicant. It’s also possible for the applicant to upload different attachments on the form, such as a CV or a portfolio. If you’re curious about what a Lyyti made recruiting form looks like, you can find our open form here.

3. Ticket sales

It’s also possible to sell tickets or any other products with Lyyti. Many of our customers organise courses, trainings and workshops or even parties and larger scale galas, that include registration fees. An automatic registration fee is a very effective way to ensure the participant’s commitment to actually attend, and this also reduces the amount of manual tasks for the organiser. When the participant pays the ticket in advance, they receive an automatic confirmation with the ticket and a receipt of the payment, without the organiser having to separately charge for the attendance or the acquired product.  

4. Feedback inquiry 

There’s basically no point in organising events, if their success can’t somehow be measured. The only way to verify the success and profitability of an event is to ask what the experts think, i.e. the participants themselves. Lyyti’s questionnaire tool enables collecting feedback and opinions from the ones who actually attended the event.

5. Voting

An election is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of ways to use Lyyti. Nevertheless, with a little effort it’s quite possible to make it happen! In most cases an election should entail two crucial elements: anonymity and a limitation to only one answer per respondent. Usually these two rule each other out: the questionnaire tool in Lyyti allows the respondent to give an anonymous answer, but in that case it’s not possible to restrict the amount of answers given by one individual. The good news is that there’s a way around this, by creating two separate events in Lyyti. One event is for individualising the respondents and the other one is for collecting the votes. Intrigued? The instructions can be found here.

6. Order form  

As you can see in some of the examples above, a Lyyti form doesn’t always have to be attached to an event. Another inventive way to use the system is to create an order form for different products and services. The essential thing in an order form is that the customer knows what they can order and in what kind of volumes. In addition to this, they need a confirmation of the order they've placed and an estimate of when they can expect delivery. One example of this is an order form for for lunch vouchers. You can find the instructions here

7. Training 

Lyyti as a company organises many internal trainings and the registrations for these are naturally collected with the Lyyti system. It’s important for any organisation to report and follow up on the professional development of an employee and Lyyti is a perfect tool in this context as well.

8. Crisis communications and collection of data 

Communications in any shape or form is always important, but especially in a time of crisis. When people are separated from each other and the need for collecting and distributing information is focal, Lyyti offers a solution to fill these needs as well. In our support portal you can find two different examples of how to use Lyyti as a crisis management tool. 

9. Event website

Do you sometimes feel like you have a heap of information that is essential to the participant but no concerted platform where to gather it? Of course you can and should spread the information in different parts of the event lifecycle, such as in the invitation, on the registration page and in the confirmation, but what if the participant could easily find everything in one place and find exactly the piece of information they’re looking for in that exact moment? Well yes! The event page in Lyyti is like a homepage for your event and the participant can also download the site as an app in their own smartphone. You can find an example here.  

Here’s a tip: download the URL of the case example on your smartphone’s home screen, in order to see what the event site would look like as an app.

10. A multiday-event

Many events consist of more than one day or at least of several parts. Fortunately there are many ways to create multiday-events with Lyyti and these methods are actually quite commonly used by many of our customers. You can find all the methods here.

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