The world’s first Event Success Manager recruitment now live


The Covid-19 pandemic disrupted the field of events. The number of live events plummeted and they were replaced by poor online meetings that were often hastily created. The lack of human contact and the constant stream of virtual meetings woke up the employees of the Finnish event platform Lyyti to think of alternatives. A new concept, Event Success Management, was born. It was launched in November and now the recruitment of the world’s first Event Success Manager is live.

Despite its size and long history, the event industry has notably lacked great innovation or catchy taglines. The term ‘Experience Economy’ was launched in the late 1990s, emphasising the importance of experiences to succeed in business. Naturally, it piqued interest towards events. Since the late 90’s the industry has steadily grown and is now valued globally at around $1,1 trillion**.

The Finnish software company Lyyti also has a long history with events whose actors it supports with its event management platform. Even before Covid-19, Lyyti’s founder and CEO Petri Hollmén was thinking about the importance of events and how to support the industry. When the pandemic hit and the challenges event organisers encountered multiplied, it became evident that more support was needed in event management. 

“The Event Success Management concept crystallised when we witnessed how badly the event industry suffered during the pandemic as people were locked in their homes. The field needed new energy and ways to think about events and especially the audiences. We have such high regard for the event organisers that we want to offer them something additional than just the Lyyti event platform.”, explains Hollmén.

Event Success Management combines traditional event management and agile thinking. The concept has been tested during Lyyti’s events and with customers. Now the benefits will be shared with everyone. Event Success Management is based on continuous learning and development. It links together all the events an organisation creates to be analysed systematically based on participant feedback. By applying the methodology, every event will be better than the previous one.

“World’s first true Event Success Manager will be hired by Lyyti to take the Event Success Management concept forward and develop Lyyti’s event management even further. We want to walk the talk because we believe events are a significant part of our business. We also want to highlight the transformative power of events and the people making them.”, highlights Lyyti’s Head of People and Culture Tino Välimäki.

Lyyti’s recruitment is open until 30 November. It will be launched at the Event Tech Live expo in London on 4 November.


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