Social and Environmental Responsibility

Lyyti Ltd carries it's corporate social responsibility with pride and determination. We operate according to high ethical standards set by both Finnish and European legislation, as well as our internal policies regarding environmental sustainability, equal treatment and well-being in the workplace. On top of that, we're involved in multiple charity projects. 

At the moment, Lyyti Ltd supports a range of both local and regional initiatives:

  • FightBack - A foundation that supports brain injury survivors in their rehabilitation and recovery and spreads awareness about head trauma prevention.
  • Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association - A nationwide non-profit organisation active in environment protection in many fields: waste collection, recycling, information and education. Focus on the vulnerable coastal biotopes in our beloved Baltic Sea.
  • Mothers in Business - An organisation primarily for working mothers, MiB offers it's members a forum for professional and personal development and peer support during family leaves and when returning to work. 
  • YMCA - Lyyti supports the local YMCA and especially their father&child-initiatives, aimed at encouraging more dads to take some time off and spend it doing fun activities with their kids.
  • JCI Finland - Lyyti helps the Junior Chamber International with managing and developing their events

Lyyti sponsors individual athletes and sports clubs or -events, either as one-off events or as longer-running sponsorship deals. See how the Medilaser-Specialized MTB racing team is doing here!

Our Core Values

Our core values are Joy, Help, Friendship and Openness

Almost the entire Lyyti crew of 2016, on a recreational trip to Riga, Latvia

Our core values are summarized by four words: Joy, Help, Friendship and Openness.

These values affect not only how we act towards each other at work on a regular day, but how we work with our clients and partners as well.

 JOY stands for feeling good, both in the workplace and outside it. Everyone at Lyyti Ltd is required to both feel and spread joy. If an employee doesn’t enjoy what they do, the organisation will pull out stops to create a working environment where the circumstances for a joyful life are present. Each employee needs to find the joy within themselves, and the organisation will do everything in its power to help them do so.


 FRIENDSHIP stands for the ability to listen to, understand and proactively interact with people around you. We’re all friends here, and empathy is a crucial ingredient in our everyday interactions. Both management and employees are great listeners and know how to offer advice and support when needed. These skills are naturally applied to client interactions, joy and help included!




 A Lyyti employee loves HELPing others, and the best reward is a thank you for a job well done. This reflects both on our client and partner relationships, and on the way we work together inside the company. Help is what we're here for. After all, the actual purpose of our product and service is to help people ease their workloads and find new, better solutions.

 OPENNESS towards both colleagues and clients is key. All communication is conducted in a sincere and honest manner. Our openness policy is based on mutual trust, in all it’s aspects: as a company, within the company, and towards our broad clientele. Without openness there can be no trust, and without trust it would be really hard to produce joy, friendship and help.