Planning for Post-Covid Events

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It’s been a challenging period for those organising events, but there is light at the end of the tunnel that something resembling normality could be returning soon. So it’s time to turn your attention to that and be prepared for the positive times to come.

Since the pandemic started, in a rush to deliver online, corners may have been cut simply to get the job done to the best of your ability considering the exceptional circumstances.

We’re proud to be a part of an industry that proved so adaptable and managed to continue to deliver high-quality events even given all the sudden constraints placed upon the organisers.

Now thoughts are considering in-person events again, and it’s essential to recognise that some of the recent changes are here to stay. It’s an exciting time, which could bring extra business opportunities for those that put in the groundwork early enough. 

We know as an event organiser, you’re super organised. It goes with the territory. This time it’s a little different, though, and so we’re giving you a gentle nudge that now is the time to start those preparations. Even if the events themselves are some months away, the process of ensuring you have everything in place to run them efficiently should start now.

Live events in the post-Covid era

This new phase in events will undoubtedly bring about some new challenges to resolve. We’re sure there are plenty more but here are just a few to consider:

  • Some people wanting to continue wearing masks
  • Others set against it, even when it is requested
  • Live venues and any continued social distancing regulations
  • Potential for changes to how things have to run if the situation evolves

The core of this, though, is people. Every one of your attendees is an individual with their own opinions and desires about how matters should be handled as the world starts to return closer to normality.

Sadly, we don’t have a magic wand that you could wave to keep everyone happy. However, the positive is people do respond well to good communication that is delivered promptly. That’s one area where the event software tools Lyyti puts at your fingertips excels. 

Need to inform everyone registered of a change in advance of the event? It’s quick and easy to send them all an email or SMS. What about when the event is underway? Still, the same applies, although using the text message option here might be more appropriate.

What about something that affects only a selection of your attendees? Being able to swiftly segment the data and send an update to only those impacted is a vital tool. Whether it’s a matter of their status like invited, declined, registered or attending, or their location, like attending live or online, you’re able to reach the right people quickly.

We all hope that things run smoothly but having an effective contingency plan to contact everyone you need to when you need to is an essential service for anyone organising events.

We already mentioned how Lyyti assists with this, but you’ve missed the chance once the event is underway. This is why we’re recommending speaking to us now; your upcoming events will benefit from having spoken to us as soon as you can so we can demonstrate how we can help.

Why hybrid events may become the standard

The pandemic period has opened the eyes of many to the possibilities of attending events online. However, there will still be a significant number of people that want the in-person experience. So you should prepare yourself for the expectation of a hybrid event often being requested as standard.

That’s where problems can start to creep in. It’s too easy to either:

  • Focus too much on the live event
  • Focus too much on the online event

Having the right tools in place to support you can ease this process and help you get the balance right. Software like Lyyti allows you to run both sides of the event seamlessly and ensure the experience is equally positive for all attendees. Be it from online breakout rooms for networking or making sure the online registrants aren’t receiving updates about things that only affect those attending in person, the software is there to support you.

It’s also important to recognise that you won’t get everything perfect the first time. However, organising your events using the Event Success Management methodology means you continually improve and reach better business outcomes.

Start your event planning process now

We recognise how busy you are and we understand and empathise. However, it would be a mistake not to recommend you start planning for live events right now. It’s exciting to start thinking about them already but, even if they feel a long time away, there are steps to take now that can make a big difference to you later.

For example, identifying the best event software and getting it integrated with your systems takes time. If you begin now, everything will be in place by the time of your first live event to help you run everything more smoothly. 

If we were to think of the ultimate guide to successful events in 2021, then the clear recommendation would be to start sooner so you can begin the process of running better events.

Event management software for continuous improvement

More than anything, we want to celebrate the reopening of the world of events. There is the joy of getting back to doing what you’re best at in all the different ways possible, rather than being constrained to a particular event type due to circumstances.

There will still be online events, but soon we’ll also be celebrating holding hybrid and in-person events as well. Good communication showing that you’re still aware and care about the health of your attendees will be vital. 

One thing is for sure, others won’t be standing and waiting, but with Lyyti’s help, you could still get ahead of your competitors. Effective, well-run events that have all the tools in place to help run them safely for the secure post-Covid era allied to a methodology that helps you improve them from one to the next.

What are you waiting for? Book a demo.

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