5 tips for summer job recruitment with Lyyti


Even though there’s still frosty days left and the polar night hasn’t left Finland yet, things are starting to heat up on the summer job front. If you haven’t had the time to open your companies summer jobs yet, no worries! There’s still time to get going.

Hiring summer employees brings flexibility to the summer holiday season, new perspectives and ideas, and the chance to find a future talent for your company. Not to mention the positive energy and motivation that summer workers bring.

Using Lyyti in summer job recruitment

Many companies don’t deal with recruitment on a daily basis. That’s why when planning summer job recruitment, the question of how to carry out the recruitment process may arise quickly. If you already use Lyyti, you’re just a few clicks away from running an efficient process.


  1. Use the registration page as an application form: Easily customise the registration page into an application form where summer job applicants can submit their applications. You can use multiple choice fields, open text fields and provide a place to load a CV directly to the system. Keep the form short and ask only the essential questions related to the job.

  2. Utilise the event website for creating stylish job ads: Build an event website that reflects your company's brand by adding background images, pictures, and videos. Make use of tabs and, if necessary, language versions if the same announcement is opened in multiple languages.

  3. Communicate quickly and efficiently: Lyyti sends an automatic confirmation to the applicant upon submitting their application. You can use this message to inform them about the recruitment process. Handle other applicant communication in real-time or schedule it to go out at a more convenient time.

  4. Ensure GDPR compliance: After GDPR came into effect, collecting applications via email is no longer an option. With Lyyti, you don't need to worry as the system complies with GDPR regulations. You can also share information about applicants internally only with those you choose, either directly in Lyyti or through password-protected online reports.

  5. Optimisation for mobile devices: Summer job applicants often use mobile devices when scrolling through job ads. Lyyti ensures that your job ad and application form look good and function correctly on mobile devices. This way, you won't lose interested applicants due to a poorly functioning site.

Hopefully you find  these tips for utilising Lyyti in your summer job recruitment helpful and get the wheels turning as soon as tomorrow. Good luck with your recruitment!

Want to see how a recruitment in Lyyti actually looks? Check out our open application

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Hero photo by Bruno Gomiero