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mothers in business

Finding that balance between career and parenting can be a challenge for career-oriented mothers, which is why Mothers In Business exists. They act as a network to support working mothers trying to combine work life and family life, looking out for their interests and increasing awareness to try and promote change that helps related issues in society.

Mothers In Business has groups throughout Finland and runs activities including events, networking, peer support, professional development, and discussion groups.

Launched in 2014, the organisation has around 4500 members and utilises the skills and knowledge of over 300 volunteers.

Events at the heart of the business

For Mothers In Business, events are vital to their approach. They offer an opportunity to connect with their audience and potential members on a practical and emotional level.

“The events are the core of Mothers In Business because it’s a support network of people in the same situation as you.”

Nina Bergman, Mothers In Business

“When I joined, I was a first-time mum looking for support. Many of our members are mothers with small kids at home or, during Covid-19, cooped up but still trying to get work done and advance their careers. Even during the pandemic, we were still running about 40 online events a month,” says Nina Bergman, a volunteer at Mothers In Business. 

“The content from the events and networking with other mothers is the most important thing we do,” she adds.

The value of the Lyyti event platform

With events being such a key part of the Mothers In Business offering, Nina describes Lyyti as “extremely important; it’s integral”. With about 500 events created nationally every year, having an efficient and effective tool is essential.

“It’s amazingly user friendly. There are no technical skills required. We have multiple users, and everything works smoothly for us.”

Nina Bergman, Mothers In Business

“In the Helsinki section of Mothers In Business we run 150 events per year. And, as a volunteer organisation, the people creating those events can change. Luckily Lyyti is simple to use. A recently joined member of our event creation team had never used Lyyti before but she is already the most active of us. It’s so easy to get the basics!” says Nina.

“When you’re working with lots of events, the more you can automate, the better. Having messages use dynamic content to pick out event details certainly helps. As does being able to copy events and only change the date and time. Or setting up reminders and sending after-event messages. In general, it has everything in it,” she added.

“Lyyti is a complete solution; you don’t need any other system. You can do everything with it from start to finish.”

Nina Bergman, Mothers In Business

Lyyti rated

“When it comes to setting up and creating events, it’s a comprehensive system, and whenever I’ve used the event marketing features, it was simple and effective. Post-event messaging works perfectly, and the development of the event reporting is encouraging, and I look forward to more on that front,” comments Nina.

“I would rate Lyyti as 9 out of 10.”

Nina Bergman, Mothers In Business

“I also have to give a special mention to the Lyyti app, which is great. It’s an easy way for event organisers to see what is happening, the current registrants, if more marketing is needed, and so on,” she adds.

Exceptional Support

Nina is clear that Lyyti is an easy system to get started on and use. However, there’s always the possibility that you may want to do something a little different and need some assistance. That’s where Lyyti’s support comes into play. As well as all the help articles available to access on the Lyyti website, she gives a special mention to the chat facility.

“The chat support is fantastic. We can get help when we need it right away. It is an excellent experience as a user.”

Nina Bergman, Mothers In Business

Experience Value Score and Mothers In Business

The Helsinki events team at Mothers In Business has been using Experience Value Score (EVS) to get feedback on how successful their events have been in the eyes of the attendees. “EVS is an easy and great way to get a quick look at how your event was received. Surprisingly many people also give feedback on the form!” says Nina.

Dashboards and Measurements

“At Lyyti, we have been developing some new reporting tools and suggested creating some dashboards for Mothers In Business using these. They could test these reports for their needs before the final version makes its way into the product,” says Aleksi Kaunisto, Chief Strategy Officer at Lyyti.

Nina comments, “We wanted to see more detailed info about how the events were working. That’s why we built the dashboards. Now they are updated and used in a monthly board meeting.”

“We use the dashboards to understand which events were most popular and why. We have such a range of different types and themes for our events, and it helps us be confident in which people are the most interested,” she adds.

The Final Word

When asked if she would recommend Lyyti, Nina was unequivocal in saying, “Yes. Definitely.”

“I would say Lyyti has helped us improve the performance of our events. And we’re looking forward to doing even more in that area now we have the dashboards!”

Nina Bergman, Mothers In Business

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Hero photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash