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08-Feb-2019 10:40:00   |   Linda Lönnqvist

How to create a great event invitation - 5 easy steps

The sole purpose of an event invitation is to get potential participants to register and show up for the event. What does a good invitation look like?

Subject tag: Event Communication, Event Management, Event Attendance

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21-Mar-2018 16:08:45   |   Tiina Kilpelänaho

The Untapped Potential of Events in Classic Content Marketing

Content marketing, the buzzword and marketing trend of the past decade, is older than one might think. The practice of gently coaxing a prospective client towards a buying decision by serving them useful and relevant content was invented long before the phrase was coined. Very, very long before.

Subject tag: Event Marketing, Event Management

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14-Feb-2018 15:31:26   |   Maria Saaristo

Too many cooks? Create better events by sharing your recipes

Event management is definitely not a lonely job. There's always a bunch of people to collaborate with: caterers, drivers, colleagues, bosses, venue reps, you name it. They need information about participants, special requests, schedules... It's also very important to find out how many participants showed up, and how they felt about the event.

Subject tag: Event Management

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20-Dec-2017 13:40:09   |   Kaisa Oksanen

Proudly presenting: LYYTI Mobile App

We have news for you! In October, Android-users got their hands on the fully renewed Lyyti Mobile App. And now we can gladly tell you that the app is also available for Apple-users.

Subject tag: Current news, Event Management

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14-Nov-2016 17:49:01   |   Petri Hollmén

What’s missing from the Event Registration Report?

I just read the Good Event Registration Guide. It’s a complete report of what’s going on in Event Registration Platforms right now and in the future.

It’s a great report and I suggest you read it, but there’s one huge problem: It only covers 5% of events.

Subject tag: Current news, Event Management

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07-Jun-2016 10:36:48   |   Linda Lönnqvist

What is Lyyti? Or rather, who?


We get a lot of questions and comments regarding our 'strange company name'. In this blog post we want to share the origin of the name Lyyti with all of you and give an explanation to why Lyyti is the perfect name for us. 

Subject tag: Event Management, Current news

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11-May-2016 10:37:02   |   Petri Hollmén

What’s the value of one single event participant?


The game has changed. The market is full of solutions that promise to save your time, make your day easier and, perhaps, boost your efficiency. There is a huge range to choose from: apps for your phone, add-ons for your CRM, widgets for your browser and services provided in the cloud. 

Subject tag: Event Management, Event Attendance

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20-Apr-2016 16:34:01   |   Petri Hollmén

The event budget blew up - CEO blames Lyyti


We've always been promoting Lyyti as a tool for efficient and low-maintenance event management. We still maintain that Lyyti helps event organisers spend less time on their routine tasks, which in turn results in our client spending less money.

Lately, we've been receiving messages claiming the contrary: Working with Lyyti has actually resulted in increased costs. By alot, in some cases.

Subject tag: Event Management, Customer Reference, Customer Story

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06-Apr-2016 16:08:30   |   Linda Kullas

What will happen in the European meetings industry in 2016?

American Express Meetings & Events published their yearly forecast and here is a recap of what's to come for the European events industry!

Subject tag: Event Management, Current news

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03-Mar-2016 13:30:00   |   Linda Kullas

How to make your event better with apps?

The event app industry has exploded in popularity during the last couple of years and nowadays there is an app for everything! Event organisers everywhere now have the opportunity to increase event communication, attendee interaction or social media presence all with the help of apps. If you can dream it, there is an app for it!

Subject tag: Event Communication, Event Management

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