The importance of event marketing in 2021

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The year may have been an unusual one, but that hasn’t slowed down the pace of business or the need to market products and services effectively. The restrictions of the pandemic meant innovation was required in event marketing since face-to-face meetings weren’t possible in the same way.

Despite that change, the need for successful event marketing was as strong as ever. Events can make a big difference in how customers interact with a brand. They create shared time between brand representatives and the target audience, an invaluable opportunity to leave a positive impression.

What is event marketing?

Put simply, event marketing is where you address your target audience with an event designed to promote your product or service. However, how do you define what should be considered an event? There is a whole range of different activities that can fit under that banner:

  • An organised meeting taking place at a dedicated venue for a large group
  • A breakfast briefing for an exclusive shortlist of customers or prospects
  • A webinar attended by people all over the world, from 10 to 10k people
  • An internal training session for staff
  • A seminar open to all relevant people interested in the topic covered

...and so on. The fact of the matter is, in 2021 you should be viewing events in a far broader way than traditionally considered.

Combine that knowledge with the purpose of event marketing, and its importance is even more apparent.

Why event marketing is important in 2021

Uncertainty in the world can lead to indecision and missed opportunities. That’s why the flexibility of event marketing is such a crucial strategy for you to execute.

Whatever your current goal, it can be adapted to suit your audience. Define what it is you want to achieve. For example:

  • Brand awareness
  • Lead generation
  • Product launches
  • Customer or staff education

The fear for many right now is organising something that eventually needs to be cancelled due to changing restrictions caused by the pandemic. You can embrace this from the outset. Look at how to plan for post-Covid events, and build flexibility into your approach so you can adapt if needed.

Now consider this from the point of view of your audience. Many will have missed their usual round of events, shows and exhibitions. Fitting your event into this space makes it an excellent way to communicate your message and creates a positive experience associated with your brand.

You’re replacing something missed and helping your goals at the same time. It’s almost like 2021 is handing you the perfect opportunity!

What’s more, Lyyti tore up the traditional event management rulebook and has redefined the sector with the Event Success Management methodology. A system that takes events previously seen as unconnected and makes them comparable. It helps deliver tangible ways to improve from one to the next.

Types of event marketing

We already discussed some of the different activities that can constitute an event, but one of the most important decisions you’ll make is the type of event you organise.

  • a live event
  • an online event
  • a hybrid event

What’s different about this in 2021 for you and your business?

Everyone has adapted since the start of 2020, so choosing a pure online event or hybrid event shouldn’t hold the same fears. Equally, many people are looking forward to on-site events resuming. Each of the options has its advantages and disadvantages.

It’s also worth knowing that Lyyti’s event platform is equally effective at helping you organise each type of event. 

Event marketing best practices

We don’t need to delve into this too deep but read the Ultimate Guide To Successful Events for the full picture. However, it’s worth understanding the different steps you need to take and why they’re important.

Email marketing, social media posting, event reminders, registrant communication, post-event follow-ups are all as essential to the process as the event itself.  They also serve a wider purpose.

Each time you create a touchpoint with prospective attendees, you’re putting your brand and your product or service in front of them. There are long-term benefits to creating that kind of awareness as familiarity grows. Of course, you have your defined goal but don’t ignore the tangential benefits of event marketing.

Should I start event marketing now?

The simple answer is yes. Organising a successful event takes time, planning and good tools. So the sooner you start, the sooner your business can begin to see the results.

Remind me again why event marketing is so important in 2021?

Events are one of the most established and successful marketing methods available. 2021 is the perfect opportunity to test what type of events suit your audiences best.

Your customers are out there expecting to join events to learn what’s new and what’s changing and to network. If they don’t attend your events, then it will be those of somebody else.

FOMO may be a powerful motivator, but the three most important things to remember in 2021 are:

  1. Events can adapt to the world situation and enable you to deliver memorable experiences, 
  2. Audiences are starved for interactions. This is your chance to provide a platform for connections and to communicate effectively.
  3. Events have a new methodology. Events Success Management is an essential change to understand for everyone involved in organising or marketing events.

Lyyti can be there to support you every step of the way. Book your demo now to find out how.

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