Licence to play - Lyyti plans explained

licence to play

Why should one invest in an event management software - one that keeps track of event registrations, handles ticketing, collects feedback and conducts communication? Whether you are an event guru or just a novice, you’ll definitely benefit from a tool that can help you save time and create a smooth event experience for your audience. 

Developing a company’s tech stack - the set of technologies an organisation uses - can be a real challenge. It feels like there’s an app or a software for everything these days! It’s especially important to think about your overall connectivity when choosing the right software to add to your stack. It’s also useful to leave room for growth and select a provider who can meet your growing demands. 

If you are on the lookout for an event management software, you can drop the search. Allow us to humble brag for argument - there are a lot of great providers out there, but Lyyti has a formidable customer satisfaction score of 98%.

Event technology that saves time and upgrades your event game

We can confidently say that whatever your event management approach is, we can help you do better. Lyyti’s customers range from small sports clubs to big corporations because our software is as flexible as it is versatile. In my opinion, we are also the nicest people to work with. 

We recognise that not all needs are the same which is why Lyyti can be adopted according to your requirements. Maybe you are only organising a few small events per year and only need the basic support provided by an event software. Or maybe you represent a large company with complex event management that could benefit from integrations to other systems or you have a whole team organising events internationally. Lyyti can check the box on all of these.

But enough jibber-jabber, on to the content you came here for: Lyyti’s pricing plans.

Lyyti Starter - for the event explorer

If you organise only a few free events per year and want to keep it simple, the Started plan is for you. At the Starter level, Lyyti will be able to offer all the features that are essential for organising events like registrations, event communications and the Event Value Score for feedback. It’s also a cost effective solution if you are venturing into event marketing and you want to test if it’s the way to go.

The Starter plan would work for an organisation that produces the same type of events every time, and where the event participants don’t need to be categorised (e.g. attendees/speakers/VIP guests). The plan is also an excellent choice to support internal event management.

Choose the Starter plan if:

  • You are a small association or maybe a start-up
  • You are only beginning to test events as part of your marketing mix
  • You have only limited need for event participant types
  • Your events are free of charge
  • You want some light feedback from participants

Lyyti Basic - for the budding event pro

Lyyti Basic is our most popular plan. It allows you to brand your events, so the experiences that you offer to your audiences match your brand to a tee.

This plan is favoured by mid-sized organisations that are producing events on a regular basis. The events might also have a participation fee. Usually the Basic plan is the choice, if the organisation has an event manager role in the organisation or events are being produced as part of the general marketing mix by the marketing manager.

Lyyti Basic will come with extended customer support and a comprehensive survey tool.

Choose the Basic plan if:

  • You represent a mid-sized company or an association
  • Have a clear need for events and produce around 10 a year
  • You need ticketing
  • You want to highlight your brand

Lyyti Professional - for the true event pro

The Professional plan brings you all the benefits of the Starter and Basic plans. The difference that the Professional plan brings is that you can create an unlimited amount of branded event templates. 

The Professional plan will also enable you to establish integrations between Lyyti and your favourite data handling software like Safesforce, Hubspot or Sympa. You’ll also be able to utilise Google Analytics and receive custom analytics of your events.

Choose the Professional plan if:

  • You regularly organise complex events with multiple event participant types
  • Your company has an event team
  • Your organisation needs to connect data between different software
  • You need company specific configurations 

 Lyyti Enterprise - league of its own

With the Enterprise plan, Lyyti will transform to your needs. If you are in need of premium support, language versions or special features, then the Enterprise plan is your obvious choice. 

Most commonly, the Enterprise plan serves large corporations with an international customer base and the need to manage a large amount of complex events through an event team that collaborates with other teams within the same organisation.

With the Enterprise plan we will assign you a dedicated Key Account Manager and you’ll have more support to adapt Lyyti as part of your company’s tech stack.

Choose the Enterprise plan if:

  • You represent a large corporation with international event management
  • You need language versions
  • Your organisation requires implementation support

Final pitch

As reflected by our CSAT score, customers are at the heart of our operations. We always respond to our customers’ needs quickly and with a human touch whether in customer support or when developing new features. We have an in-house product team that makes sure the platform is performing at all times and making sure it reflects the trends and needs of our customers and the event management industry as a whole.

You can compare the different plans in detail on our website. Our sales team is always happy to help you find the right fit for your needs.


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Hero photo by ckturistando on Unsplash