Lyyti is best friends with many, including Human Resources

During my first year in the People & Culture Team at Lyyti, I've learned some quite cool ways to use our software in my work. Lyyti is a versatile tool that supports HR activities in many different ways. My absolute favourites are the survey tool, EVS (Experience Value Score), and the messaging tool. In this blog post, I'll share my experiences and practical tips on these topics.

Is Lyyti an HR tool?

Lyyti is first and foremost a tool for organising excellent events. However, our mission is to help people create meaningful encounters, and aren't organisations full of these even daily? I use Lyyti for three specific needs: for surveys, internal communications, and as a tool to measure and develop our internal meetings and events.

The survey tool in Lyyti is useful when you want to create quick and beautiful questionnaires. I often need to generate pulse surveys on tight schedules. The surveys are easy to build and share, they look great, and are quick to answer. Analysing the outcomes and sharing online reports is fast and straightforward, and for more in-depth analysis, I export the results to Excel. With this tool, it's easy to implement surveys as part of your active HR work.

The messaging tool is a great way to share more formal information within the organisation. At Lyyti, I use the messaging tool to create our internal monthly newsletter, Tribal News. With this tool, it's simple to create a newsletter template that I can use repeatedly. Sharing the rights with other users makes it possible for multiple people to write content for the message at hand. Sending is straightforward, and it's easy to add additional recipients for the newsletter. Sending a newsletter is always just a few clicks away, and with Lyyti, I can easily follow-up on who has opened the newsletter or clicked the links in the text. Through personalisations, I can also add a bit of personal touch to the messages, e.g. the recipient's first name.

In most organisations, meaningful encounters happen on a daily basis. 

EVS measures your internal efficiency

EVS (Experience Value Score)  has made the most significant impact on our HR work. We tend to neglect the value lost through inefficient internal processes because it's often difficult to measure. Luckily, EVS has changed that in our case.

Whenever we have an internal meeting with several participants and/or sizeable time investment, we measure the value of the time spent with EVS. After some practice, creating an event that measures EVS takes only a couple of minutes. As our employees join the meeting through Lyyti's Online Event Connector, Lyyti automatically changes their statuses to attending and then sends out the EVS survey to everyone with this status after we've finished the meeting. This process is super simple, even in bigger events.

After the meeting, I can see the EVS score with eventual open comments on a dashboard. With this data, it's effortless to see how our staff experienced their time spent in this particular meeting. With this process, we can continuously improve our internal discussions, spend less time on unnecessary fuss and make a real difference in our business.

Learning something new every day

These are just a few ways to improve HR work with the help of Lyyti, and I'm sure there are many more to discover. I'm continuously learning new ways to use our versatile tool to support our activities. In case you work in HR and are interested in learning more about Lyyti's possibilities, please do not hesitate to contact me directly; I'm more than happy to share my experiences with you.

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