Organise webinars in Lyyti with your online meeting software

Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google meet are a few of the most popular online meeting softwares. We have all grown familiar with their usage in the past months and years as we arrange more and more meetings online. Even though they are excellent in holding meetings, online meeting softwares are not fully capable of transitioning your in-person events to online and lack many critical features. 

The most downfalls with online meeting softwares are in collecting attendee information and attendance, but also in event communication and overall attendee experience. Combining Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet with Lyyti to organise events or webinars is super easy, and it dramatically improves the toolset of the event organiser in arranging a smooth and efficient online event, training or webinar. By combining these tools, you can have the best of both worlds:

  • a world-class event management platform with effortless user experience, attendance tracking and professional communication tools
  • an online meeting platform that is already familiar to most of the attendees 

Zero technical effort integration in less than a minute

To make the experience more fluent for online and hybrid events, Lyyti has built a webinar feature to make the two platforms work fluently together. The webinar feature requires zero technical effort from your part and provides a safe and easy to use way to invite your attendees to your webinar and check their attendance at the same time. Lyyti will control the entrance to the event and let people in at the given time while marking them present.

If you haven't yet tried our webinar feature or wish to study it further, please check our in-detail instructions here. If you are not our customer but want to get your events online quickly, contact us for a more detailed presentation on how we can help you.


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