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The day you are hosting your long-planned event is always a bit crazy. Event Success Managers are pulled into a hundred different directions and staying focused on the participant experience can feel challenging in the moment. There’s one small but crucial element that affects the success of the event from the first interaction onsite to the final evaluation - checking participants in at the door. All of them, even the unexpected ones.

Being able to prepare for unexpected guests is extremely valuable. You, your guest and the overall event management will benefit from it. There are many things you can do to support the check-in process but in our experience doing it digitally is the best option as it saves time and brings clarity to the overall management of the participants. This is why, the latest improvement in the Lyyti mobile application is the ability to add participants and check them in on-the-go.

Event success for all

With the Lyyti app mobile registration, all event participants will be properly registered and no special attention needs to be directed towards individuals who showed up unannounced. The guest can join the event and benefit from all the communications you had planned during and after the event, even though they had not registered to attend. The latecomers can also evaluate your event and you’ll get a complete analysis of your work from everyone who attended.

Using the Lyyti app to check participants in on-the-go, will free up your mental capacity so you can focus on making the event run smoothly. Not needing to carry mental notes on unexpected guests, will put your thoughts where they need to be. You’ll also keep your audience data up-to-date when you link a participant directly with the event they attended.

And who knows, maybe that unexpected guest will prove to be the most valuable in the long run.

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Hero photo by John Tuesday on Unsplash