University of Helsinki tested Lyyti’s Experience Value Score

Customers’ wishes have always been essential for Lyyti's product development. Launching new features also involves thorough testing. We are especially thankful for our latest “panel” at the University of Helsinki, who were excited to beta test our latest innovation, EVS (Experience Value Score). "Our team is always ready to try anything new with an open mind, so we were glad to join the beta stage of EVS", says Liaison Manager of Alumni and Stakeholder Relations Minnis Vierikko from the University of Helsinki Communications and Community Relations unit.

Since September, a limited number of Lyyti customers were given access to a new feature that measures event success.  Going forward, event organisers can ask participants for the most important information: whether the event was valuable in terms of their time. 

"Having sent the EVS question to our target group of decision-makers, we received more responses compared to our usual, longer-format feedback survey", Vierikko describes her first impressions after using EVS for a month. 

Responding to one open question by using emojis is easy, so a high response rate is guaranteed – at the end of the day, collecting feedback means competing for people's time once more. The Experience Value Score question, or rather statement, is:

EVS -The event was worth my time

Vierikko says that she kept in close communication with Lyyti's product development during the testing process, and the operational logic behind EVS has now become clearer.

"We had been using NPS (Net Promoter Score) to measure recommendations for a long time already. At first, it seemed funny that we would get such different results between these two tools", reflects Vierikko during testing. 

Lyyti's EVS always measures the participant's subjective experience. This way of measurement is a response to an increased need to assess the value of participants’ time spent on an event. After all, events are often very unique, and sometimes there are no plans to create the same kind of event again. 

"With alumni events, we want to learn how to better communicate what participants can expect of an event. In this respect, EVS creates a new opportunity for us", says Vierikko, describing the benefits of the new tool.  

The Community Relations unit of the University of Helsinki employs a total of twenty people who work with alumni relations and fundraising. They organise about fifty events a year, which means that they use Lyyti daily. Due to the current situation, all their events are being held online for now. 

"With online events, we have seen a significant increase in the number of participants, or rather the number of registrations. On the other hand, we have also had a rise in the number of no-shows. There's so much to choose from, and participants have become more critical of what they use their time on", Vierikko sums up.

And this is essentially what Experience Value Score is all about. Going forward, all Lyyti customers will have the opportunity to take a quick “pulse” on their event’s success by using EVS. The survey is sent automatically, which saves the event organiser's time, but most of all, it provides a quick way of collecting and comparing participants’ experiences. 

Why would you ask for feedback on logistical solutions, such as catering or parking?  Wouldn’t it be more interesting to learn whether your events are reaching your target group so that the valuable time invested by participants is well spent?  

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