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customer research

Lyyti’s success is anchored in its keen interest in hearing its customers' feedback. We believe that in order to create a truly user-friendly tool, we must listen to the feedback and the insights our customers share with us. 

We are excited to take this aspect of product development to the next level. Lyyti’s design team is looking to engage our end-users throughout the year with different research activities. 

Read next what customer research is at Lyyti, what to expect, and how to join in the fun.  

What is customer research? 

Collaborating with Lyyti users is definitely one of the most exciting parts about my job as a product designer! It’s also the most efficient way to learn how the Lyyti tool is used and really empathise with our customers. 

Research topics vary everything from tool navigation, testing out new solutions in various features and diving deeper into your preferred ways of working. Lyyti’s design team tries to make the research activities wide-ranging to ensure there’s activities for every type of personality and schedule.

If you’re pressed for time or you prefer doing the activities on your own, why not take part in testing our latest prototypes? This usually takes around 10 minutes and you can do it completely independently. If you want to virtually sit down with the design team, sign up for a remote workshop or an interview where we can really interact with you.  

Participating in Lyyti’s customer research happens entirely on your terms. If you find yourself unusually busy at work, you can choose to skip a research request and jump back in whenever you can. From the sign up form you can also define what kind of activities you would be interested in.  

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Who can join Lyyti’s customer research?

Anyone who organises events can take part in our product development. There’s no need to hesitate if you’re not well-versed with the Lyyti tool or you don’t consider yourself tech savvy. All you really need is a desire to share your thoughts with us. 

Remember - no man (or woman) is an island. Participating in customer research will ensure that you as the end user will have a hand in the future of Lyyti’s event software. 

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Hero photo by Dstudio Bcn on Unsplash.