Free report - The Future of Events and Event Management Software

future of events

The world of events has undergone a seismic shift in the last couple of years. The impact of the pandemic on live events coincided with the technology being in place and mature enough for most people to feel comfortable attending remote alternatives. This leads us to ask what the reaction will be as more and more locations worldwide start to lower their restrictions and open up the possibility of in-person events taking place again.

In this report you'll find data and insights into:

  • The direction of event planning when all three event types are available; live, online or hybrid. 
  • Which event software features are considered most important.
  • What software is used and thoughts on whether a dedicated video software service is essential for online and hybrid events.
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The insights are based on a survey made in February 2022 among the customers of Lyyti. This report can help with your event planning and decision-making.

Download the report:


Hero image by MD Duran on Unsplash