15 Creative Ways to Use an Event Management Software

Curious Lyyti

The curious case of Lyyti has always been that our customers have found many different ways to use the platform beyond just organising events. Or perhaps it’s the creativity of our users who want to get rid of the restricted ‘event’ label. After all, the definition of what is considered as an event is ever-expanding. 

We want to be a part of the mission of broadening the meaning of events and encounters. We gathered 15 curious cases of how our customers and employees use Lyyti to their advantage. We encourage you to think outside the box when it comes to the tools you are using every day.

Booking tool

Registering oneself to an event is basically like booking time for an appointment. This is why Lyyti is often used as a booking tool.

  1. Every Christmas, one of Lyyti’s employees works as a Santa Claus. The real Santa just shows up unannounced but our guy has decided it’s better to let people book time in advance and knows everything about his customers thanks to presubmitted info.

  2. Another colleague has their home life organised to a tee! She uses Lyyti for booking time slots for gym times, school runs and job interviews. Anything that you can schedule is done with Lyyti.

  3. One of Lyyti’s customers uses the software for ordering leasing cars, organising test drives, changing tyres and for booking maintenance appointments. 

  4. Lyyti has been used to organise a housing corporation's spring work party. Organisers were able to see who was joining to clean the yard and what they wanted to drink after the work was completed.

  5. One company uses Lyyti for sorting out their internal rewards. Employees can select small gifts from a list that is maintained in Lyyti.

Flow management

One of Lyyti’s features is the ability to manage the status of a participant. This feature can be used in many creative ways.

  1. A while ago we learned that Lyyti is used to maintain a library inventory.

  2. During the Covid pandemic, Lyyti helped the supermarket chain Carrefour in France to organise their staff in stores so there was always a sufficient amount of people at each of their locations to keep the stores open.

  3. At Lyyti, the software is used to manage the recruitment process and the flow of the interviews.

  4. Some companies that provide specific clothing for the workday are using Lyyti to manage the rotation of the clothes.

  5. At Lyyti, the software is used to keep track of the sales cycle and the onboarding process of new customers.

Creative tool

Lyyti can be integrated with many software. This is why you can expand the use of Lyyti beyond simple event management and gain more information about your audiences. Integrations and other features enable you to use Lyyti as a multi-function creative partner.

  1. An event page in Lyyti can be connected to Youtube with the Online Connector. If you organise a product launch, you can track who participated in the  event on Youtube. The Connector could also be used to track who has interacted with materials that were provided before an event.

  2. Our customer Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship, uses Lyyti as a brainstorming platform. They gather ideas for their weekend workshops using a questionnaire in Lyyti.

  3. Using group registrations, Lyyti could be used as a tool for car pooling. You can use capacities to control how many can fit in the car. Pro tip: Ask for the favourite song at registration and delight the participants when they join the ride!

  4. Lyyti is not only a tool to manage registrations, it also has a pretty nifty communications tool. With this tool, along with the QR code generator, event organisers have been able to ask questions during live events and interact with the audience on the spot. Connecting surveys to communication tool, you can schedule an email or an SMS that will go out during the event.

  5. With the help of the QR code generator, the Support team at Lyyti came up with a brilliant way to organise a game of chance. A lot of Lyyti’s customers use this at expos and business fairs.

There you have it! Wether you organise traditional events or manage employee resources, there's a way you could benefit from Lyyti. If you are interested in a demo, just click below! 

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